Many rappers have a natural gift for generating laughs. One individual, Zack Fox, showcased this in different forms, including on shows like "Abbott Elementary," and as a stand-up comedian. T.I., one of Hip Hop's most decorated emcees, proved his funny-bone abilities by hitting stages at a variety of different venues around the country. D.C. Young Fly and Donald Glover have also proven their respective values as comedic and musical multitalents.

Another legend, Snoop Dogg, became well-known for his laid-back delivery and witty punchlines. His timing and larger-than-life personality extend beyond his songs and make him a favorite in all forms of media. Snoop's collaborations with Martha Stewart, commentator roles on sports shows, and much more have solidified his status as a rapper with a genuine comedic flair.

XXL Freshman alum Lil Dicky built his career on a foundation of clever wordplay, self-deprecating jokes, and satirical takes on the rap industry and modern life. The Pennsylvania talent's music videos, such as "Freaky Friday" and "Save Dat Money," are sketches that garnered millions of views. He also found an uncanny ability to balance humor with serious themes via his hit series, "Dave," in which he starred as a fictionalized version of himself.

REVOLT compiled a list of 17 frontrunners who would likely find the same success in stand-up as they did in Hip Hop. These stars have proven that humor is a powerful tool in their arsenal, which has allowed them to connect with audiences in ways that go beyond traditional music.

1. Vince Staples

Vince Staples is renowned not just for his lyrical prowess, but also for his razor-sharp wit and humor, which often shine through in interviews and social media interactions. The Long Beach emcee’s abilities to create laughs translated well with “The Vince Staples Show,” a concept that was initially used to promote loose cuts like “So What?” and “Sheet Music.” That idea expanded into a full-on Netflix series that received critical acclaim from music fans and television buffs alike.

2. Lil Dicky

From the beginning, Lil Dicky seamlessly blended jokes with his raps, which made him a unique figure in the entertainment industry. His comedic abilities are evident in his clever, humorous lyrics and the satirical nature of his music videos, many of which function as “SNL”-quality sketches. Outside of recording music, Dicky also struck gold with “Dave,” a sitcom that he stars in alongside peers like GaTa and Taco Bennett.

3. Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator is not only a groundbreaking musician but also a natural-born comedian whose humor pervades his entire creative output. Known for his irreverent and often provocative (read: shock-inducing) sense of humor, Tyler's funny moments are prevalent in his lyrics and anytime he appears on-screen. He previously displayed a knack for creating absurd and hilarious scenarios through his alter ego characters and offbeat sketches on "Loiter Squad," a comedy show that he co-created with his Odd Future collective.

4. Cardi B

Before Cardi B became a rap megastar, she found fame as a social media personality, where she kept bellys aching with raw commentary about life and current events. Her undeniable talent led her to “Love & Hip Hop,” VH1’s popular reality series about individuals working toward success in the music industry. It was during that chapter of her life that music and comedy essentially became one. While fans can still see flashes of hilarity in her many interviews and show appearances, Cardi’s stardom hit a more serious level following the successes of “Bodak Yellow” and Invasion of Privacy. She hasn’t looked back since.

5. Ludacris

Since Incognegro, Ludacris has proven to be one of the most hilarious rappers in the game, much in part thanks to outlandish lyrics, rewind-worthy skits, and cartoonish visuals for hits like “Stand Up” and “Number One Spot.” That led to roles in movies like Hustle & Flow, Max Payne, and the blockbuster Fast & Furious series. You can even find Luda bringing the humor in advertisements for Jif and State Farm.

6. Eminem

If there’s anyone who’s mastered the art of animated (and often incredibly dark) humor, it’s Eminem. Since birthing his Slim Shady persona, the Detroit icon’s raps have been filled with some of the craziest lyrics in any genre, which has left listeners laughing – or cringing – throughout his storied career. Not only has his wit and approach to satire landed beautifully on album skits, but they’ve also worked in visuals like “Guilty Conscience,” “Godzilla,” and D12’s “My Band.”

7. Danny Brown

Known for his eccentric persona and unabashed honesty, Danny Brown often injects humor using playful wordplay, clever references, and surreal storytelling. Along with a unique fashion sense, his ability to seamlessly blend humor with introspection and raw emotion quickly set him apart from his Hip Hop peers. Beyond his music, the Detroit emcee's sense of humor shines through on social media, in interviews, and via well-received series like “Danny’s House” and “The Danny Brown Show.”

8. Redman

Few examples of comedy are as timeless and poignant as Redman’s appearance on “MTV Cribs,” when he effectively destroyed what’s expected on the normally glossy series with his tour of Staten Island’s “De La Casa.” He’s also brought the laughs in many of his music videos – ex. the short skit in “Da Goodness” -- and alongside Method Man in How High. Even his many stories from his life and career are amazing enough for a comedy stage.

9. Kanye West

Kanye West has a sense of humor that’s bled through the bulk of his rhymes and album concepts, including his “Broke Phi Broke” skits on Late Registration. He would also crush it in commercials – such as his bittersweet Nike ad with Kobe Bryant – and in sketches like one he did for “Saturday Night Live,” which saw former cast member Kyle Mooney try to engage with him in a rap battle. From an interview standpoint, Ye’s hourslong sit-down on REVOLT’s “Drink Champs” quickly turned into comedy gold, for better or worse.

10. Lil Nas X

Much of Lil Nas X’s more hilarious moments can be found on platforms like Twitter, a medium that the Georgia star mastered long before “Old Town Road” fame. When he announced his sexual orientation to the world, he added to his genius marketing schemes by trolling those critical of his choices (ex. Boosie Badazz). Larger-scale efforts like the controversial Satan Shoes, the many versions of his “INDUSTRY BABY” video, and other humorous concepts further solidified Lil Nas X as a funny guy on and off wax.

11. T-Pain

Outside of more serious (or dance-worthy) musical drops, virtually everything that comes out of T-Pain's mouth is hilarious, whether intentional or not. From his appearances on interviews like “Drink Champs” to antics like his “Big A** Chain,” the Floridian star has long proven that he can probably keep a crowd roaring during a Laugh Factory set. As can be seen above, his “Nappy Boy Radio” podcast consistently reveals him as the funniest guy on the show – even when he’s hosting actual stand-up comedians.

12. DaBaby

DaBaby’s videos exude levels of creativity and hilarity not often seen in Hip Hop since artists like Ludacris, especially when the North Carolina star taps Reel Goats to bring his wild visions to life. Prior to topping the charts, one of his most notable promotional campaigns involved wearing an actual diaper to radio interviews and concerts. Even moments that shouldn’t be considered funny – like physical run-ins with others in public spaces – end up as meme fuel on social media.

13. Rick Ross

While primarily celebrated for his lyrical prowess and entrepreneurship, Rick Ross often surprises fans with his playful and witty side in interviews and exchanges on social media. Numerous run-ins with TMZ, guest appearances on shows like “Ridiculousness,” and self-recorded Instagram Stories are packed with tear-inducing funny moments. Even his rap disses come with a side of humor for added effect.

14. Drake

In addition to being one of the biggest rappers on the planet, Drake is also a seasoned actor. It’s through his abilities on film that fans have seen a comedic side of him – just check out when he handled hosting roles on “SNL” and the ESPYs and the skits that came with those appearances. He’s also known to crack more than his share of jokes on songs, in interviews, and through his social media accounts.

15. 50 Cent

50 Cent has created some of the most hilarious moments in rap – many of which were to the detriment of his peers. Social media and song attacks on Floyd Mayweather, Cam’ron, and many others were often delivered with comedic timing and ended up becoming memes and video clips that fans use for jokes of their own. His ability to laugh at himself and embrace humor has added a unique dimension to his public persona, showing that behind the tough exterior lies a charismatic entertainer with a keen sense of fun.

16. DDG

In addition to the music, DDG’s made plenty of noise as a popular YouTuber. Through his YouTube channel and social media presence, the Pontiac star often infuses humor into his content and creates viral moments with his witty commentary and comedic sketches. More recent arcs, such as his alleged real voice and his relationship with Halle Bailey, have helped add to the laughs from his exponentially growing fanbase.

17. Sexyy Red

Sexyy Red is as authentic and unfiltered as they come, and it’s often her raw energy that makes for funny situations. Akin to comedians like Kill Tony’s Kam Patterson, the St. Louis rapper has a very blunt and unapologetic way of speaking, and the way she delivers lines and projects her thoughts is as refreshing as they’re humorous. Not everyone considers Sexyy Red funny, but humor is subjective; What one person finds side-splitting, another might find crass.