Is a verse truly heat if the bars don't turn into Instagram captions? When it comes to Megan Thee Stallion, one thing is certain: She is always ready to drop some fire on any beat that comes her way. After bursting into the limelight with her EP Tina Snow in 2018, she quickly rose from Houston's local favorite to the world's Hot Girl Coach. Her April 2020 anthem, "Savage Remix," featuring Beyoncé, had fans chanting along and sparked a viral TikTok challenge. She gained even more critical acclaim after her electrifying appearance on Cardi B's August 2020 hit "WAP," which quickly became the song of the summer.

Megan's pen shouts loud and clear. Known for her pimp nature and unapologetic sexuality, she makes sure to show off her seductive side in her videos, live performances, attire and, of course, lyrics. Meg’s bars are perfect for any occasion. Whether you're dealing with the very real effects of anxiety, flirting with your crush or need a hot caption for your latest Instagram post, she's got you covered.

Here are REVOLT's best Megan Thee Stallion bars that make great Instagram captions.

1. STALLI FREESTYLE: “I get revenge when I drop all my pictures”

In "STALLI FREESTYLE," Megan rapped, "I get revenge when I drop all my pictures." The bar presented a completely different take on payback. Instead of drama, it's all about slaying with each snap. This lyric highlights the power of confidence, which makes it an excellent choice for your next Instagram caption. So, while others plot their vengeance, you'll be busy serving looks like the hot girl you are.

2. Captain Hook: “I’m a problem nobody solvin’/ You can keep hating, I’m poppin’ regardless”

In this bar, Megan acknowledges the attention she draws and understands that some may have issues with her, yet she remains unfazed by their negativity. With this confidence, she asserts her resilience, knowing that her success and shine cannot be dimmed by haters. It's a testament to her unwavering self-assurance and refusal to let others' opinions dictate her path.

3. Wanna Be: “You look like a discount me on Etsy”

In "Wanna Be" with GloRilla, Megan throws shade at those who try to copy her, but don't quite get it right. Comparing them to a "discount me on Etsy," she is keeping it real and showing that being authentic is key, so she won't hesitate to call out those who don't bring any originality to the table.

4. Hiss: “I feel like Mariah Carey/ Got these n**gas so obsessed”

In "Hiss," the Hot Girl compares herself to Mariah Carey to express how she's often the subject of obsession among men in the industry. This line offers insight into Megan's perspective on the attention and scrutiny she faces, especially regarding her relationships. So, when you're about to drop a fierce photo on the gram reminding everyone of your own unapologetic confidence, use this bar!

5. Plan B: “I had to block you, but you still gotta watch this s**t”

Needing to cut ties with someone toxic while knowing they will keep an eye on your motion has become a common experience. This bar captures the feeling of regaining control and establishing independence after leaving an unhealthy relationship. So, when you're ready to show the world you're doing great without them, use this line as the perfect caption for that empowering post-breakup photo.

6. DOLLA SIGN SLIME: “Baby, all these h**s imitate me/ You could f**k with a stan or the Real Slim Shady”

In "DOLLA SIGN SLIME," the Grammy Award-winning artist questioned the value of imitation. She challenged listeners to choose between authenticity and imitation, emphasizing the unique power of being original. It's a bold declaration of one's individuality, as well as a reminder that genuine artistry cannot be replaced.

7. Freak Nasty: “I’m a hot girl, so I make these n**gas sweat”

The line "I'm a hot girl, so I make these n**gas sweat" from her smash hit “Freak Nasty” is the perfect summer caption. Whether you're posting poolside photos or bikini pics on the beach, it exudes confidence in the sun. It's the ultimate statement of owning your attractiveness and making a lasting impression wherever you go.

8. Movie: “The only L I hold got that V right there next to it”

Meg confronts controversy head-on in "Movie" with the line, "The only L I hold got that V right there next to it." No stranger to backlash and adversity, she makes it clear that, despite the uproar, she is not taking losses but learning lessons. So, when the opposition tries to pray on your downfall, post a photo with this caption and show them that you don’t take L’s.

9. Girls in the Hood: “F**k bein’ good, I’m a bad b**ch”

In her song "Girls in the Hood," Hot Girl Meg fires off with, "F**k bein’ good, I'm a bad b**ch" — a daring declaration of individuality and defiance of societal norms. Her unapologetic attitude inspires listeners to embrace their authentic selves, regardless of judgment or expectation. Her message serves as a reminder that self-confidence and authenticity are essential for empowerment.

10. Savage Remix: “I need a mop to clean the floor, it’s too much drip”

In "Savage Remix," Megan says, "I need a mop to clean the floor, it's too much drip." This line is the perfect caption for those moments when your outfit is on point and you're feeling overly confident. Use this bar and tag that friend who always captures your best moments to make you the ultimate IG baddie.

11. Wanna Be: “I don’t need insurance ‘cause a b**ch can’t wreck me”

In her most recent release, “Wanna Be” with GloRilla, she unlocked a new level of confidence. This bar takes a playful look at self-assurance, complete with clever wordplay. Megan created the ideal caption for a girl’s night out when you're feeling fun and flawless. Go ahead and share the picture to show them you’re thriving and can’t be knocked down.