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Pitbull requests assistance for Cuban protesters

Pitbull is calling on world allies, global businesses and more to help bring awareness to the ongoing protests in Cuba.

Pitbull Getty Images

Cuban American emcee Pitbull is using his platform to bring awareness to the ongoing protests in Cuba and to call for assistance in helping citizens of the country.

“We need to stand up, step up, but if you don’t understand what’s going, then you need to wake the fuck up,” he said in a video posted on Wednesday (July 14). “Not only is this a Cuba event, a Cuba thing. This is a world event. This isn’t about politics. This is about saving lives. This is about unity, not division. Bottom line, this is about taking action.”

In the nearly two-minute long clip, Pitbull expressed that he is frustrated because he is unable to help his people during these trying times and provide them with food, water, medicine or freedom.

In an effort to gather a group of helpers, he called on world allies, global businesses and successful businessmen like Jeff Bezos to come together and assist the Cuban residents, noting that their joint efforts will contribute in a positive way.

“All can we can do is create awareness, but politics are gonna be poli-tricks,” he continued. “While they figure out what they figure out, we need to figure out how to really help. We need to get creative. We need to figure out solutions while they’re losing their lives over there literally for something that we can wake up every day and appreciate, which is freedom.”

“Stand up, step up and if you don’t understand, get with the mutherfucking program and wake up,” Pitbull challenged his followers. “Cuz this is about freedom, and it’s about human rights. To everybody in Cuba, keep the fight up.”

As REVOLT previously reported, demonstrations erupted in Cuba on Sunday (July 11) and have been ongoing ever since. Citizens of the country are protesting against rising prices and food and COVID-19 vaccine shortages amid a time of economic crisis, which has been exacerbated amid the pandemic. So far, one person died, and hundreds have been arrested.

See Pitbull break his silence on the Cuban protests below.

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