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Jeremih says he’s not sure whether he’s going to take COVID-19 vaccine

“I’m still taking shots from the hospital, so I’m good from my shots right now,” the singer said.

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Jeremih is on the road to recovery following a weeks-long battle with Coronavirus, but he’s gradually easing back into his celebrity lifestyle. The “Down on Me” singer released a Christmas project with Chance the Rapper earlier this month, and now he’s talking about his bout with COVID-19 in his first sit down interview since being discharged from the hospital.

In a conversation with Kendra G of Chicago’s 107.5 WGCI, Jeremih was asked whether he would take the Coronavirus vaccine, and he honestly replied, “Right now, I’m not sure yet.”

“Right now, I’m good,” he continued. “I’m still taking shots from the hospital, so I’m good from my shots right now.”

As REVOLT reported, Jeremih was hospitalized for a month and a half after he was diagnosed with Coronavirus. His condition was nearly fatal as he’d developed “multiple inflammatory syndrome” — a rare side effect of COVID-19 — that resulted in inflamed organs, an irregular heartbeat and failed kidneys, all while he was unconscious.

With prayers from his followers and help from celebrities, including Diddy and Chance, he was released from the ICU, made his return home and has been learning how to walk again, but he hasn’t yet removed his hospital bracelet.

“You know what...[it’s] just a reminder, you know, of what I’ve been through...,” Jeremih said of his decision to keep his bracelet on. “After a couple of days, I was just looking at it because I just, um, two things: I just wanted to remind myself where I’ve been through, and like...remind myself my purpose here on this earth, you know. Cuz while in there, I wasn’t sure whether or not I was still gonna be able to walk, you know, on this earth, so until I get my talk and my walk back, I’m gonna keep this on.”

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