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Cardi B clarifies she does not do any drugs

“I smoke a little cigarette here and there, drink a little wine and Hennessy in the club, but those drugs I don’t do,” Cardi B said.

Cardi B Telemundo - Getty Images

Billboard’s Woman of the Year cover issue was released, and it features the regular schmegular degular girl from the Bronx: Cardi B. During the interview with the publication, the “Money” rapper took the opportunity to clarify one thing: She does not do any drugs.

In the article, Cardi discussed that her affinity for social media stems from the fact that she “came up” on it. The platforms, she explained, allowed her to express her personality and helped her prevent from indulging in any drugs.

“If it wasn’t for me showing my personality on social media, I wouldn’t be where I’m at,” she said. “I would probably be a stripper owning a laundromat because that’s what I wanted to do when I was a stripper. If I didn’t voice my feelings, I would probably be one crazy bitch on drugs. I don’t do drugs. I smoke a little cigarette here and there, drink a little wine and Hennessy in the club, but those drugs I don’t do.”

Cardi acknowledged that she is a role model, but admitted that her status comes with unwarranted comments from social media users, which causes her to dial back from being her authentic self on the platform.

Everybody in the comments is saying it’s ugly, but you’re saying it’s pretty. If you have the unpopular comment, then you’re in the wrong,” she said. “So you gotta be careful with what comes out of your mouth. You can’t even call people ugly nowadays! I’m not saying I want to call people ugly — you just can’t even be yourself anymore.”

Cardi — much like many other celebrities — has often defended herself amid social media commentary denouncing her wins and some of her actions.

When Billboard announced that she was the Woman of the Year, she took to Instagram to list her accomplishments for all those who believed she didn’t deserve the honor. She recently apologized after receiving backlash for hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner, and showed remorse for offending the Hindu community with a recent magazine cover.

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