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Jeremih reflects on nearly fatal battle with COVID-19

“All I remember seeing is a white light,” the singer recalled in a new interview.

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Just weeks ago, Jeremih was released from the hospital after contracting the Coronavirus. In a new interview with “Sway’s Universe,” the singer reflected on his scary bout with the disease, calling himself a “living, walking testimony” as to why the public should take COVID-19 seriously. Jeremih was also joined by Chance the Rapper for the interview to promote their new holiday project, Merry Christmas Lil Mama: The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

“I was really down bad for the last month and a half that I was in there,” Jeremih told Sway of his time spent at Chicago’s Northwestern Hospital. “I don’t even remember the day I went in there, that’s how messed up I was.”

Jeremih said his mother, Gwenda Starling, wasn’t initially allowed to visit him in the hospital due to pandemic restrictions. However, it was Chance who intervened and got Starling hospital access. Jeremih said his mother showed him pictures of himself in the hospital, since he didn’t remember his time there.

“I had a tube down my throat for about a week and a half,” he explained. “I was really like in a dream; I woke up two times and all I remember seeing is a white light.”

Jeremih’s family previously said COVID-19 had “viciously attacked” his body in a way that was rare for a 33-year-old without underlying conditions. One reason he had been so badly affected, Jeremih revealed, was that he’d developed “multiple inflammatory syndrome,” which is a rare side effect of COVID-19.

“All my organs became inflamed. My heart started beating irregularly, my kidneys went out, my liver started to go bad,” he said. “Mind you, I didn’t know what was gong on at the time. I was out.”

Although his ICU stay was tough, his recovery brought even more challenges. Jeremih said he suffered memory loss and even had to re-learn how to walk after leaving the hospital.

“Once I was removed from ICU, after that week and a half, I was going through recovery where I had to learn how to walk again, eat — all that stuff,” he recalled. “Mind you, I’ve never been to a hospital in my entire life; not for a broken bone, not for nothing. So, just to be in there I look at it as a blessing. As crazy as it might sound, I needed to sit down. I needed to take a break.”

Now that he’s feeling better, the R&B star said his battle with the disease has inspired him to work even harder at his craft. Jeremih will be staying with his mother for the rest of the year as he continues to recover.

“Whatever I’ve done before now I’m going to do it to the 10th power because it’s a reason why I’m still here,” he said. “I got my voice again, learned how to walk again, now I gotta learn how to run and bust a move like [Chris Brown].”

Watch Jeremih and Chance’s full interview with Sway below.

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