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Scarface thanks Donald Trump for doing a great job at this one thing

Scarface truly is going to miss Donald Trump in the office.

Scarface and Donald Trump Getty Images

On Tuesday (Nov. 24), rapper Scarface took to Twitter to thank Donald Trump after news surfaced that he was officially beginning the transition process to President-elect Joe Biden.

“You can learn a lot from a dummy,” he tweeted. “[Donald Trump] man I’m gonna miss you and all your foolishness. We thank you for making it clear to everyone that ANYBODY CAN BE PRESIDENT! We appreciate you exposing all the racial hate your base harbors towards other Americans. GOOD JOB.”

A fan responded by saying, “Both parties do.” The Geto Boys rapper replied, “This is way bigger than a party. That’s some Trump shit dividing the country, he wants his ego stroked and be praised like a puppy. He should address his followers and tell them he’s a failure. He played on your hate towards all non whites. He played his self.”

Back in October, the “Guess Who’s Back” revealed that he was starting the process for a kidney transplant after tweeting that he needed a kidney donor after he contracted COVID-19 in March. After his diagnosis, he said that his lungs recovered, but his kidneys did not and he was placed on dialysis.

“I’ve started the process to get a kidney transplant, I appreciate the love! It should take me 2-3 months to see if I’m a good candidate,” he tweeted. “In the meantime, you stay healthy the list will open shortly [thereafter] and we can discuss who’s a match...again I appreciate that y’all.”

He also tweeted that he does not need a specific blood type for the transplant, although he initially asked for a kidney donation from people with B+ blood types. “They will match me with my kidney in exchange so anyone can be a donor,” Scarface wrote. He also added, “Can’t thank y’all enough.”

Check out his tweets below.

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