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Fredo Bang is back with new ‘In The Name Of Gee’ album

The Baton Rouge rapper returns with his second LP.

Fredo Bang Courtesy Of Fredo Bang | Twitter

As our beloved Hip Hop living legends continue to age gracefully in the rap game, the saying “out with the old, in with the new” sticks more and more by the day. Not only is it a blessing they’re still with us and still making great music that will be deemed timeless in the near future, it is a blessing that there is a multitude of new rappers emerging on the scene to carry the torches passed down.

Among these fairly new talents goes by the name of Fredo Bang, a young rapper from Baton Rouge, LA who’s destined for greatness, and he continues to prove this assertion with the release of his second studio album In The Name Of Gee.

Fredo is one of the most exciting artists on the Def Jam roster and this new album definitely propels him into the right direction to stardom. In a sit-down with XXL back in April, the 24 year old rapper shared his reasoning why he feels that he will blow up:

“I’m never content on where I’m at. If I buy a car, I plan on buying the next year model. I’ve always been like that in life. I can’t get content on where I’m at because I know how quick it is to get comfortable and lose it all, you know what I’m saying? I did two-and-a-half years to where I had nothing. Every breath never meant... I had no meaning in life for two-and-a-half years. So I know what it is to be nothing.”

In regards to mental health, the Baton Rouge rapper had this to say about the heavy drug use within the hip hop community (mainly amongst the younger artists): “I feel like a lot of us need help out here — therapy. A lot of us have disorders and stuff that we don’t know of. I feel like everybody should be evaluated at some point in they life. Early on. Especially if you go through something.”

Take a listen to In The Name Of Glee below and tweet us your thoughts.

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