On Thursday (June 20), Ty Dolla Sign reignited excitement among his fans by confirming that he and Kanye West have completed all the songs for VULTURES 2 after facing numerous delays. In a recent Billboard interview, the R&B artist revealed that the duo is focused on surpassing the success of the first album. He acknowledged the challenge of evolving their sound, stating, "Certain people will probably expect you to just do the same exact sound. But that sound’s already out."

Additionally, Ty Dolla Sign discussed the possibility of bypassing traditional streaming platforms for the album's release. “Why not? Switch it up," the Cali star expressed, adding, "He’s always got something up his sleeve. I always got something up my sleeve.”

This followed Ty's earlier update on the project's status during a Kick stream with Russian YouTuber Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, where he assured fans that VULTURES 2 was imminent and might drop any day. When questioned about the distribution method, Ty confirmed that the album would be available exclusively on Ye's YZY app. During the same broadcast, Ty played a preview of an unreleased track featuring Playboi Carti and affirmed plans for all three VULTURES albums, with a potential fourth in the works. He remarked on the frequent delays, noting, “S**t happens.”

As REVOLT previously reported, Kanye West once suggested selling VULTURES 2 directly to fans, avoiding streaming services entirely. In a message to a fan account on Instagram, he detailed the potential success of such a venture, citing Yeezy.com’s previous sales achievements.

“When 5 percent of my followers buy an album, that’s 1 million albums sold. That’s 300,000 more than the biggest album last year,” he explained. “We sold 1 million items... on Super Bowl Sunday, so we know it’s possible. How do you feel about us not streaming and only selling the album digitally?”