If it looks, walks, and quacks like a duck, then it must be, right? This week's “Kickin’ Facts” review is all about a new release co-created by FCTRY LAb and NLE Choppa: the Duck Boot! Omar Bailey, the former Yeezy Innovation head, and Memphis native NLE decided to take the familiar silhouette and flip it on its head in the most streetwear way possible. The result speaks for itself. The duo was able to create the latest viral footwear moment -- à la the MSCHF Big Red Boot -- because face it, these days, virality is just as important as the actual shoe design.

The Duck Boot was handcrafted meticulously, from sketches to the final product, in the FCTRY LAb headquarters in Los Angeles, embodying innovation and the collaborative spirit. It features an all-yellow injected EVA foam exterior, exacting a bold silhouette. The interior is designed for ultimate comfort with high-quality materials and a comfy inner lining. Additional details include its durable, multi-directional and weathered outsole in gum rubber with the FCTRY LAb logo making the offering lightweight and ready to wear in any season of the year. Lastly, a black neoprene cuff sits atop the boot, which adds the final contrast to the inaugural shoe that is being marketed as unisex.

Speaking of marketing, that was another way in which Bailey and NLE Choppa's creation stood out and exceeded expectations! In one promotional image, NLE reenacted a famous Tupac Shakur image by David LaChapelle, where Pac was in a bathtub covered in gold chains. For his take on the iconic photo, NLE was covered in gold chains and added floating ducks. The duo also hit up all the influential sneaker platforms like Complex and Sneaker News to promote the Duck Boot and even gifted a few pairs to top influencers like streamer Kai Cenat and rising basketball star Jalen Williams.

What are your thoughts on the FCTRY LAb x NLE Choppa “Duck Boot”? Would you cop? The new shoe was released in men’s sizing on May 10 for $250 at www.fctrylab.com.