The rap battle between Quavo and Chris Brown continues to heat up. On Monday (April 22), Quavo added to the fire with "Over H**s & B**ches," a DJ Durel-produced offering that featured a posthumous appearance from Takeoff. On the hard-hitting cut, the Migos alum responded directly to Brown's "Weakest Link" with jabs about the R&B star's family, relationships, and conflicts.

"P**sy n**ga, pull up, crash out about your bae, lil' b**ch, come dance battle with my drac'/ You been f**ked your bag up when you punched Ri' in the face, talking about Fashion Week, you sparing who? Come punch me in my face!/ It ain't nun' but a fade, you know you lost to Frank, Frank Ocean? N**gas ran in your house, tied up your aunt 'cause you ain't pay..."

Not long after, Brown responded to "Over H**s & B**tches" through a series of posts on his Instagram Stories. "Google raps. That s**t is pooh," he stated. "D**n, and I was excited. That s**t don't even need a response. Takeoff [rapped] better."

Meanwhile, fans on Twitter gave a variety of different takes about Quavo's latest drop and the rap beef as a whole. "Quavo pulled that Takeoff card strategically," wrote user __french___fry. "As a diss record, it's alright. He did better than we expected [and] stood on business. But as a record, this is fire! Chris Brown will be extra pissed chilling in the club and this Takeoff hook comes on 'cause it hits like crack!"

Suge Knight had a different perspective. "If Chris Brown's bag is down, he should start rapping 'cause he’s better than a lot of you rappers," he tweeted. "My money [is] on Chris 'cause he's the BEST singer, dancer, rapper, and fighter." Others made note of Brown's comments to Quavo during multiple appearances on REVOLT's "The Crew League."

Check out additional tweets from fans and peers about Quavo and Brown below.