Chris Brown is moving full speed ahead as he continues to flex his rapping chops with another round of lyrics aimed at Quavo. On Friday (April 19), the singer unleashed “Weakest Link.” The new track’s cover art left no doubt that he is still engaging in a back-and-forth with the rapper as he used a photo of Quavo eating a hot dog.

Coming out of the blocks, Brown opened the track with a voice that appeared to be that of the “Need It” artist saying he had no interest in fighting with his industry peer. After repeatedly asking who wants the smoke, the high-energy performer dropped his first verse.

“Quavo talkin’ like he a thug, n**ga, you a b**ch with dreads/ Can’t wait until the day that you back up all the s**t you said/ What’s all that boss s**t you talkin’? You ain’t no huncho, n**ga/ You the weakest link outta yo’ clique, let’s keep it a hundo, n**ga,” said the Grammy Award winner.

Brown then switched gears as he seemed to allude to having an intimate past with Saweetie, who notably dated Quavo for three years before their split in 2021. “You f**ked my ex-h**, that’s cool, I don’t give no f**k, lil’ n**ga/ ‘Cause I f**ked yo’ ex when you were still with her, b**ch, I’m up, lil’ n**ga/ They say revenge is sweet, now think about that s**t/ Don’t let that line go over your head, I might just sing about that s**t,” he said. Currently, the Atlanta native has not issued a response.

The “ICY GRL” princess, however, seemed to acknowledge Brown's track as it heated up social media. With a simple tweet, she wrote, “Let me go rewrite these nani verses.” “Nani” is the latest single she has been teasing since late March. It’s unclear when the track will drop.

Quavo and Brown’s feud, which is forever immortalized on wax now, popped off on April 11 when the singer switched musical lanes and issued some hard-hitting rhymes calling out the Migos member for being linked to Karrueche Tran. On “Freak” featuring Lil Wayne, Joyner Lucas and Tee Grizzley, Brown spit, “Okay, f**kin’ my old b**ches ain’t gon’ make us equal, sippin’ that 1942 ‘cause I don’t do no Cuervo/ Freak b**ch, she like Casamigos, not the Migos…”

The rapper responded with his newest single, “TENDER.” Returning the shots fired, he rapped: “You did the b**ch wrong and now the b**ch gone, she posted with a thug, call the b**ch phone, she won’t come home, don’t beat her/ It must be the drugs, need to cross out your plug.”