The Bad Boys franchise has a distinct place in the action movie genre. Starring the dynamic duo Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, these films have become known for their brilliant buddy cop performance. From scenes of Miami's busy streets to heart-pounding high-speed chases, the three Bad Boys movies offer a rollercoaster trip of rebellion, camaraderie and unforgettable scenes. Whether it's through the main characters’ banter, explosive scenes of combat or surprising plot twists, they have ingrained themselves into pop culture.

Let us not forget the brilliant direction behind our favorite scenes, led by talented directors Michael Bay, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. Their vision brought the world of Bad Boys to life with flair and finesse. Join us as we revisit the finest and most iconic moments from this beloved franchise below.

1. Reggie takes Megan on a date (Bad Boys II)

In Bad Boys II, Reggie (Dennis Greene) arrives to take Marcus's daughter on a date, only to be met with a barrage of intimidating questions from Marcus (Martin Lawrence) regarding his name, age and even drug use. To add to the tension, Mike (Will Smith) appears and plays the role of an inebriated uncle fresh out of prison, threatening Reggie with grave repercussions if he messes with his niece. It's a delightfully funny, yet tense scene that captures the pair’s humorous relationship while also emphasizing a father's protective instincts.

2. Marcus opens up to Mike in the electronics store about his gunshot wound (Bad Boys II)

In this infamous scene, the Bad Boys head into an electronics store hoping to find important evidence on a tape. However, to their surprise, the tape reveals X-rated content, which causes chaos among the store's employees and customers. Seeking refuge in a quieter corner, Marcus tells Mike about the unforeseen consequences of the notorious gunshot wound on his butt. However, before they can realize that they’re being videotaped, their private conversation is broadcasted on every screen in the store.

3. Marcus takes ecstasy while on duty (Bad Boys II)

During a high-stakes investigation, Marcus unknowingly consumes ecstasy, which results in a humorous and chaotic visit to the captain's home to obtain a warrant. As Mike strives to disguise Marcus' altered state, the situation swiftly spins out of hand. Marcus becomes hilariously fascinated by the captain's home, but the charade ends when he starts drinking water from a flower vase, which forces the captain to call poison control.

4. Marcus proposes a new theme song for their partnership (Bad Boys for Life)

In Bad Boys for Life, Marcus embarks on a journey of personal development and persuades his partner-in-crime to reevaluate their approach to law enforcement. Motivated by a renewed desire to reduce violence and maybe renounce their cop personas entirely, Marcus suggests it's time to stop being "Bad Boys," and instead be "Good Men." However, his idealistic vision is swiftly shattered by reality as Mike provides a funny depiction of what their new theme song might sound like, promptly dismissing Marcus' suggestion.

5. Mike and Marcus discover a body with a bump (Bad Boys for Life)

During a usual night on the job, Marcus and Mike stumble upon the unconscious body of their enemy who is sporting a strange lump on his head. While Marcus gets a bit queasy and can't resist poking at the lump, Mike stays on track and collects any evidence he can find. Marcus' antics and Mike's determination to get the job done during a serious situation offer a comedic twist.

6. Mike takes a solo trip...or so he thought (Bad Boys for Life)

In a critical scene from the third movie of the Bad Boys film franchise, Mike travels on a perilous solo trip to confront his child's mother. However, Marcus, an ever-loyal partner, refuses to let him face the risk alone. He unexpectedly emerges on the plane, insisting on accompanying Mike. Attempting to provide comfort and a sense of unity, Marcus utters the classic words, "We fly together, we die together," only to frighten the passengers around him with his intense delivery. Their friendship is challenged in the face of danger, but the Bad Boys demonstrate unwavering loyalty and connection as they prepare for the deadly encounter ahead.

7. Bad Boys visit Jojo in the tire shop (Bad Boys)

On the trail of a heroin cartel, the Bad Boys make a pit stop at Jojo's tire shop hoping to gather crucial intel. When their initial attempts at persuasion fall short, Marcus and Mike switch tactics as they transition from playing nice to being tough. With a hint of menace, Mike taps into his unpredictable side and whips out his gun to coerce the information from their reluctant source. In a gritty display of determination, the duo proves that sometimes a little intimidation is all it takes to break through the toughest barriers.

8. Marcus makes a mess in Mike’s car (Bad Boys)

In Mike and Marcus' world, riding shotgun comes with rules, particularly when it comes to keeping the ride tidy. So, when Marcus recklessly spills French fries all over Mike’s expensive car, Mike quickly pulls over and requests he clean it up. As the dispute heats up, they fail to recognize the approaching threat of a carjacking. Despite the chaos of the crime, they continue to argue, unintentionally utilizing it as a brilliant distraction to outwit their would-be burglars.

9. Mike and Marcus sing the “Cops” theme song (Bad Boys)

What's the greatest Bad Boys moment? Every time Mike and Marcus begin singing the “Cops” theme song. They’re into it, but never remember the lyrics after a few lines. Nonetheless, it’s a memorable token of the franchise and a victory cry that highlights the pair’s friendship with each off-key note. Even if they don't always get the words right, their enthusiasm and solidarity come through, which always make these scenes a memorable component.