Some TV dads are fun, boisterous and compassionate, while others are brusque, righteous and unwavering. Plenty of on-screen dads have all these traits and more. However, neither trope would be possible for Black fatherhood on TV without “Good Times.” The pioneering sitcom was the first show with a two-parent Black family, changing the genre's landscape forever and setting the standard for depictions of Black fathers.

Since the show’s finale in 1979, sitcoms have continued pushing the envelope in portrayals of Black dads. A few of these figures are better at the job than others and epitomize what it means to be a great parental figure. Whether beloved for dropping gems of advice, taking care of business or offering emotional support, everyone has a favorite sitcom dad. Here are some of the best Black TV fathers.

1. Philip Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Uncle Phil is a legend in Black sitcom history, and rightfully so. Phil welcomes his troublemaker nephew Will into his home with open arms and treats him no differently than his three biological children, ultimately calling him son. As a father, he supports his family through both happy and challenging moments, always setting aside time to instill lessons, reassure and bail them out of any situation. Along with his wife, Vivian, Phil provides a secure, loving, compassionate and stable home. The kids grow up to be alright in the Banks household, and Will transforms from a hard-headed boy to a wise young man.

2. Michael “Mike” Richard Kyle from My Wife and Kids

Michael Kyle is a wild goof. While he's all for antics and having fun, he sets rules in his household and teaches his children lessons through unique and often-amusing consequences. Michael is a cool dad who goes the extra mile for his family. He works hard to meet their needs, spoils his wife and kids at every opportunity and protects them at all costs -- even when Claire, Kady and Junior make choices that he disapproves of.

3. Bernie McCullough from The Bernie Mac Show

In this series, Bernie Mac loosely plays himself and suddenly gains custody of his sister's three kids. It is an adjustment for Bernie and his wife, Wanda, who don't have any children of their own. Stepping into the role of fatherhood, Bernie vows to raise Jordan, Vanessa and Bryana in a safe, stable home, unlike their earlier upbringing. Though he isn't the perfect father figure, he takes accountability for his mistakes — often not to the children, but to the camera when breaking the fourth wall — and isn't too egotistical enough to not apologize.

4. Julius Rock from Everybody Hates Chris

Julius Rock's frugality comes off as cheapness, yet the devoted father works long, sleepless hours at multiple jobs to provide for his family. Therefore, it's reasonable to understand why he stresses spending wisely. Though he isn't an often-present father due to his hectic work schedule, he's there when his family really needs him and focuses on ensuring his children have a better future. Julius teaches Tayna, Chris and Drew how to navigate the world and doesn't let anyone give them a hard time.

5. Ray Campbell from Sister, Sister

How can we characterize Ray Campbell as anything but upstanding? He adopts Tamera and raises her as a single dad after his wife dies, and when they discover her twin sister, Tia, at the mall, he welcomes Tia and her adoptive mother into his home so the girls can grow up together. Eventually, he adopts Tia, too. What a guy! He's reserved, intellectual, dignified and loves the girls unconditionally.

6. John “Pops” Williams from The Wayans Bros.

Pops' carefree, laidback and outlandish attitude doesn't equate to many takeaways when schooling his adult sons on life. But, hey, at least he tries. However, he is their best friend and confidant, working side-by-side with them both daily. There is no questioning Pops' love for Shawn and Marlon. He exemplifies that it's okay to be your outrageous self and gives them the freedom to do so.

7. Flex Washington from One on One

Flex Washington changes his bachelor lifestyle to raise his daughter Breanna when her mother accepts a job in another country. He's used to hanging out with her two weeks out of the year, so the sitcom follows Flex grappling with parenting and disciplining her instead of acting as a friend. The transition isn't easy, yet he becomes a responsible and trustworthy figure in her life.

8. Carl Winslow from Family Matters

The majority of Carl Winslow's character arc is that he's constantly at odds with his intrusive and pesky neighbor Steve Urkel. Other than that, he's a loving provider to his family. Though his fatherhood isn’t as central to the series, Carl is a great dad who is worth a spot on this list.

9. George Jefferson from The Jeffersons

The “All in the Family” spinoff about husband and wife George and Louise Jefferson features their son, Lionel. George’s relationship with his son is a bit strained at times due to his opinionated demeanor and disapproval of Lionel’s decisions, among other points of contention. However, the two always manage to find common ground. The senior Jefferson is the kind of dad who tells his son what he believes it is. His inability to see his flaws as a parent is a component of the show's humor. George is one of the curter fathers on this list, but he loves and supports his family.

10. James Evans, Sr. from Good Times

James is a hardworking man who sometimes struggles to make ends meet. He doesn't let the political and economic climate of the ’70s harden his kindness, compassion and good-hearted nature and represents a picture of Black America that contradicts society’s narratives of the time. Despite being killed off in the fourth season, James’ family remembers him throughout the end of the series as a proud man who kept them in good spirits.