On Thursday (Feb. 8), Lil Wayne appeared on the latest episode of YG and Steven Hubbard’s “4HUNNID Podcast.” During the sit-down, Weezy was asked about the possibility of a Hot Boys reunion tour.

“I think we spoke about it a few times, but you know they have situations — like B.G. just coming home,” he said. “So, he gotta work it out: Can he tour? Can he travel? You know what I mean, things like that. You know [Juvenile is] ready and Turk [is] ready, but we really gotta see if Geezy can move around and all that.”

Wayne continued, “Everybody got they own thing. Everybody got their own record label, their own situation. Nobody ain’t tied down to nothing. So, when we asked everybody, they were like, ‘Yeah, we can jump on whenever.’ We just gotta get Geezy, right?”

Wayne’s comments came after his former Cash Money counterpart made a public plea to him about securing a tour. “Say [Juvenile], there’s people on my line, man, about this Hot Boys reunion,” B.G. revealed on an Instagram livestream. “Weezy, stop playing, man. It’s a big bag involved, man. Ya heard me? I know you super rich. I know you like Taylor Swift [out here]. Come on, man. Stop playing, man. Let’s get to this bag.”

In another social media clip, B.G. downplayed what many took as a diss he made to Wayne on Finesse2Tymes’ “Gangstafied” single.

“[Y’all] don’t really understand what the f**k be going on, man… I tell a n**ga I love him and call him a b**ch all in the same sentence, man. You know what I’m saying?” B.G. explained. “This family business, man. You know what I’m saying? Shout out to my little brother Weezy too, man. I talked to my little brother last night, man, you know what I’m saying?” He also admitted that his relationship with Wayne was “complicated.”