Nicki Minaj has new music on the way that is sure to keep the viral rift between her and Megan Thee Stallion at the forefront for their feuding fanbases. On Sunday (Jan. 28), Minaj tweeted that all who are interested will be able to press play on her record “Bigfoot” at 3 p.m. on Monday (Jan. 29).

Any doubt that the Houston Hottie would be the subject of the track was discouraged by the photo teasing the music — a pink boot standing in a large foot print beside a still shot of Megan grimacing. Minaj has had Bigfoot trending all weekend amid a tweeting spree laced with mostly subliminal shots at a foe that her Barbz, and several other social media users, believe to be Megan. The Queens, New York, rapper previewed the record on Friday (Jan. 26). On it, she raps, “Bad b**ch she like six foot, I call her Bigfoot/ The b**ch fell off, I said get up on your good foot.”

The three-time Grammy Award winner sent the internet into a frenzy going into the weekend when she dropped “HISS.” The scathing track takes shots at unnamed detractors, one of whom is presumably the 41-year-old artist. When addressing speculation about the track taking aim at specific people, Megan told “The Breakfast Club,” a “hit dog will holler.”

While Monday is poised to be as explosive as the weekend, the “Super Bass” hitmaker has already made it known that she has additional tracks ready to drop, though it is unclear if the additional releases will be responses to the perceived jabs that appeared on “HISS.”

In subsequent tweets, Minaj wrote, “After the [first] one drop, if [that] p**sy-a** h** so much as breathe wrong, I’ma empty [the] clip. If that p**sy-a** hoe deny [one] thing I say, I’m posting every [f**king] receipt known to man. Five. Yes, you heard me! [I] did five extra songs. We’ve been waiting on you, h**.”

Aside from posting additional artwork for her snake-themed era, a photo of her laughing and the “HISS” video, Megan has not engaged with the ongoing banter online. The 28-year-old has launched a major comeback as an independent artist since her first single, “Cobra,” hit the airwaves in November 2023.