On Thursday (Jan. 25), Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson premiered the latest episode of their “All The Smoke” podcast with Snoop Dogg as a return guest. During the lengthy conversation, Snoop provided the hosts with an update on his long-awaited reunion album with Dr. Dre.

“I’m in the lab with Dr. Dre right now. That’s Death Row/Aftermath. We finishing that up right now, tidying up the pieces to that. He’s a perfectionist, you know,” he said to the hosts. “When you hear what we have and how he got me rapping, it’s like a grown Snoop Dogg. It’s not like, ‘Yeah, n**ga, yea…’ It’s a growth to him. It’s the way he selects his bars, it’s the way he uses his voice. This n**ga used me like a f**king robot, and I love it because I love to be produced. I love to be challenged.”

Snoop continued by expressing his frustration toward collaborators that simply throw him a beat without actually producing the entire song. “Every single song that you heard from Dre and Snoop, my voice is never on top, it’s always in there because it’s an instrument. So that’s what he’s doing, he’s using me as an instrument right now to create this masterful album.”

He also told a humorous story when asked about the album’s potential release date. “The n**ga called me one day about two years ago. He was like, ‘N**ga, come over, let me do a couple of songs with you.’ I go over there and he like, ‘N**ga, let me do your album.’ And I’m like, ‘Alright, let’s go.’ We go in, knock out a couple of songs. He hit me back, ‘I need two more days.’ I got that call probably about 85 times. This n**ga need two more days all the time.”