Earlier today (Jan. 26), “The Breakfast Club” shared a new interview with Earthquake, who was immediately asked about Katt Williams’ “Club Shay Shay” appearance. In response, the D.C. talent felt that the viral sit-down — and the scathing comments about others that came from it — did nothing for Black comedy because there “weren’t no jokes in it.”

“I’m in the joke-telling business, you know what I mean? So it didn’t do anything, I think, for comedy,” he added. “Personally speaking, me and him was cool, so I didn’t know where that came from. Certain things he said about me, half was true, half was a lie. But to each his own.”

Earthquake continued, “I don’t even get into that part of it because, see, I’m the type of person [where] if I have a problem with you, Charlamagne, I’ma call you. We’re either gonna talk it out, we’re gonna duke it out, but we’re gonna handle it man-to-man. I don’t talk behind people’s backs and that’s what social media is: if you go onto a platform and talk about a person without you addressing them yourself when you have opportunities to get in contact with them and let it be known.”

During the aforementioned “Club Shay Shay” sit-down, Williams claimed that Earthquake wasn’t in movies because he was “illiterate.” “He can’t read, and they found that out when they gave him a show and put the cards in front of him.” Addressing that specifically, Earthquake debunked the accusation by explaining his past job history.

“I used to [do radio at WBLS]. Everybody in radio wants to be like y’all and be syndicated. But if you’re not syndicated and you just got one godd**ned station, [the] only way you get some money [is] off live reads!” He also revealed that he was picked to go to Georgetown University’s Upward Bound program when he was in the 9th grade. Check out more of what Earthquake had to say below.