Today (Jan. 22), Fearless Media and Arian Simone officially announced a new podcast that will be powered by REVOLT. Titled “Fearlessly Living As Arian Simone,” the podcast will merge “the realms of culture, career and advocacy set to inspire and empower listeners” using Simone’s wealth of knowledge and experience as an international speaker, author and co-founder of the venture capital firm Fearless Fund.

“To embark on this transformative journey with the launch of ‘Fearlessly Living As Arian Simone’ is an ode to perseverance, determination and unwavering resilience,” Simone said in a press release. “We are in an era where diverse voices and perspectives are crucial. This podcast is more than just a series of conversations; it’s an invitation to embrace fearlessness and live life on your terms. In ‘Fearlessly Living As Arian Simone,’ we’ll explore stories of triumph, share lessons learned and celebrate the indomitable spirit that resides within each of us.”

Vice president of business development at REVOLT and general manager of REVOLT Podcast Network Akinwole Garrett added, “Arian Simone’s fearless spirit aligns seamlessly with REVOLT’s dedication to highlighting influential Black voices. This podcast promises to be a transformative force, guiding audiences towards boundlessly pursuing their dreams. Together with Arian’s team, we are set to elevate these discussions to new heights, fostering meaningful connections that resonate globally and inviting everyone to embrace fearless living on their own terms.”

The first episode of “Fearlessly Living As Arian Simone” premieres on Tuesday (Jan. 23) with Hip Hop legend and businessman T.I.. Together, the two will discuss the Fearless Strivers Grant Contest, which was previously blocked by a federal court after Edward Blum and the American Alliance for Equal Rights filed an injunction over claims of discriminatory practices. As REVOLT previously reported, Simone and co-founder Ayana Parsons have since counterclaimed, stating that AAER violates the Civil Rights Act of 1866.