Lupe Fiasco and Kid Cudi are back on good terms after clearing up a series of misunderstandings that led to a decade-long feud and, most recently, a back-and-forth on Twitter.

As previously reported by REVOLT on Friday (Jan. 19), Cudi admitted in an Apple Music 1 interview that while working at BAPE in New York City, he hid from the rapper in hopes that his pre-fame job would not be used as a bar to humiliate him if the two men ever found themselves at odds with each other.

As fate would have it, that is exactly the predicament they found themselves in by 2024. “When you think about it, [Lupe] hates me to this day. He hates me. So it’s like, I was right. I sensed something in the universe,” said the INSANO artist in the interview. Lupe caught wind of the comments and tweeted that he was uninterested in clowning his peer for having a regular job.

Fans watching the musicians’ exchange in real-time saw Cudi offer an apology for any hurt he may have caused Lupe and that he hoped they could get past their old issues. The “The Show Goes On” emcee briefly accepted the admission, but their wires were again crossed after Cudi sent a DM to Lupe requesting they hash out things privately. Lupe never received the message and blasted his peer in a since-deleted tweet.

The “Entergalactic” voice actor seemed to table the matter and the negative energy that had been stirred up when he tweeted, in part, “I’m tryna move past this. Imma talk w[ith] [you] tomorrow.” On Saturday (Jan. 20), the smoke cleared, and to the delight of fans, Cudi shared that the ordeal was officially water under the bridge.

“Just talked to Lupe. Had a great talk. I know I was wrong and told him I shouldn’t have did that f**k s**t I did. I called myself looking out for the fans in the moment, but in reality, I was just hating. I apologized, and he accepted it, which I appreciated for real,” he began.

The tweet would go on to say, “I understand the anger and vitriol he had for me all these years, and I wasn’t mature enough to step up and just have a conversation and admit I was wrong. We as Black men need to be united. He always had love for me. Always supported me. I shouldn’t [have] did him like that. I wanna thank my guy IBN for setting the call up, and [you], the fans, for being real [with] me and urging us to speak. We are good now. Brand new journey. See [you] soon brother.”

Lupe appeared to co-sign that all was well when he re-tweeted the post with, “Sincerely appreciate it, my guy… Peace and blessings.”