Earlier today (Jan. 19), Billboard reported that Jeremih sold off a portion of his music assets to HarbourView Equity Partners for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition included both publishing and recorded music rights to classics like “Birthday Sex,” “Oui,” “Don’t Tell Em” with YG and “Down On Me” with 50 Cent. “Jeremih’s hit songs… experienced far reaching success, transcending global audiences and cultures and paved the way for a new generation of R&B artists,” said HarbourView CEO and founder Sherrese Clarke Soares in an official statement.

As REVOLT previously reported, Wiz Khalifa made headlines after selling off assets to Soares’ company — one day after Nelly did the same. “Sherrese and HarbourView truly understand the value of music and artistry. We are excited to partner with them as they continue to build a dynamic media company that is in line with the values and goals we all have here at Taylor Gang,” said the Pittsburgh emcee following the big news. For Wiz, songs like “See You Again,” “Black and Yellow” and “The Thrill” were part of the deal.

In a 2022 interview with Billboard, Soares opened up about HarborView Equity Partners, which is named after her father’s Kingston, Jamaica hometown and operates in the entertainment and media space as a whole.

“In Jamaica, we have a saying: ‘That out of many, one people,'” she explained to the publication. “HarbourView tries to reflect that from a cultural perspective. We have a diverse team of investors of all gender orientations. We’re excited to build a great team that’s centered around a point of view that really reflects humanity. We’re investing in culture, and culture is not homogenous. If your team does not reflect the world, then you’re going to miss opportunities, and it’s going to be hard to get great returns.”