Congratulations are in order for Halle Bailey and DDG now that the couple has officially welcomed their first child together. Months of pregnancy rumors and subsequent speculation that a birth had taken place were put to bed for good on Saturday (Jan. 6).

The “Pontiac” rapper first teased his supporters when he dropped a freestyle and video that saw him mention having a son named Halo and, in one scene, holding a baby bundled up in a blanket. When engaged with followers in a Q&A, he addressed accusations that the hints of him being a father were another form of trolling those who had been awaiting confirmation that Bailey was pregnant.

“I don’t even be trolling I just give y’all what y’all want. That’s all I do, I give y’all what you want and y’all go with it… Y’all decide whether it’s true or not,” he said. Amid the confusion, the singer shared an Instagram post that gave everyone the answers they were seeking.

“Even though we’re a few days into the new year, the greatest thing that 2023 could have done for me was bring me my son. Welcome to the world, my Halo. The world is desperate to know you,” the “grown-ish” star wrote. The photo Bailey shared was of her and DDG holding their son’s hand. On the newborn’s wrist was a gold bracelet with his name. In the comments, a flood of congratulatory messages can be seen.

DDG also shared the same image with the caption, “My biggest blessing by far, son son. Never been so in love. Baby Halo.” Just last week, on New Year’s Eve, the YouTuber-turned-artist debunked hearsay that he was the father of a newborn daughter.

He also expressed frustration with the public’s investment in his relationship. “I ain’t gon’ lie, like, I love my supporters and s**t, but in real life, bruh, I don’t know y’all. That’s just the truth. You guys, just let me live my life… Whatever’s going on in my life or her life, bro, is not going to change yours,” he responded to a fan’s comment.

The couple celebrated their two-year anniversary on Dec. 26. The relationship was first confirmed in March 2022 when The Little Mermaid star posted a photo of them. Since then, Bailey has openly gushed about being in love.