On Wednesday (Jan. 3), Katt Williams became the latest guest on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast, which saw the comedian blasting several of Black comedy’s biggest stars. About an hour into the conversation, he was asked about his 2018 appearance on V-103’s “Frank and Wanda In the Morning.” On the Atlanta-based radio show, Williams and former host Wanda Smith engaged in a war of words that quickly went viral on social media.

In regard to why the spat took place, Williams recalled that his appearance was initially meant to be a celebration of his Emmy win for his role in Donald Glover’s “Atlanta” series.

“‘We won’t talk about your kids, we won’t talk about jail, no cases. We ain’t gonna talk about none of that,'” he claimed Smith promised prior to the interview before things went “the opposite way.” “You can’t flip up on me because you’re an inferior comedian. I’m going to destroy you and I’m never gonna call you out of your name.”

Williams continued, “It’s a very thin line I gotta call, but this lady is trying to embarrass me in front of a largely homosexual fanbase. That’s why she got canceled. Gay people don’t take it kindly that you would, as a derogatory [term], call me gay. Gay people don’t feel like it’s derogatory… I didn’t even know any of the stuff that she had done to my fellow comedians until afterwards. I just know that it was a setup.”

Williams also mentioned a reported incident where Smith’s husband, LaMorris Sellers, allegedly retaliated by threatening him with a firearm. “They tried to kill me this same weekend. Not in jokes, with a real gun in my real face on real camera,” the Friday After Next star asserted. “Understand, I’m losing my life for participating in something that goes along with my job.” While he admitted that a verbal conflict took place, Sellers denied pulling his weapon on Williams and said his only intention was to protect his wife. “I wasn’t looking for conflict. I just wanted him to keep it moving. He chose to do different,” Sellers told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in 2018.