Trick Daddy has something to say about the debate Trina unintentionally started when she named Beyoncé the queen of rap in a resurfaced interview. He addressed the viral topic in a new “Brown Girl Grinding With Loren LoRosa” interview.

“Well, first of all, I know Trina is obsessed with Beyoncé. And I think if Beyonce wasn’t married to JAY-Z, then Trina would marry her,” said Da Baddest Chick’s longtime friend and collaborator with a chuckle. “So I think that’s why she said that.”

On a more serious note, Trick explained that he felt Trina being asked about the music icon in a rap setting was out of line and used as bait to gain internet traction. He added that the video should not have been uploaded all together.

“She was asking about the rapper, and Beyoncé is a, you know, R&B diva, R&B’s queen, so I don’t think her name should have come up in a situation where somebody took a moment that was given to [a] female rapper and took it to a whole ‘nother level where it’s going viral and people are actually getting mad. It’s just this new-age internet thing.”

The Slip-n-Slide Records star continued his commentary by shining a light on the female emcees who have caught his attention and gained his support. “There’s a lot of young rap females out there, like, that I love. I like Lola Brooke. She doing her thing… the City Girls did they thing, of course, Nicki Minaj [and] Cardi B. I always respect Remy Ma and even Queen Latifah, MC Lyte,” said the “TrickLoveTheKids” artist. He also plugged his upcoming rap duo, the Hollywood Twins, whose music is set to release soon.

“So, it’s a lot of women in the game, a lot of names she could have said, but I think Latto is the rawest one out there, to be honest. I said that. Yeah, if I said it, I motherf**king meant it,” Trick declared. The 25-year-old released her sophomore LP, 777, in 2022, featuring assists from 21 Savage, Childish Gambino, Kodak Black and a few others. In 2020, she worked with Trina and Saweetie on “B**ch From Da Souf (Remix),” and again last year when she and Trina joined forces on “Clap.”

The young entertainer is not only at the top of Trick’s list of must-see rappers but recently landed in the No. 3 spot on “Rap Radar Podcast” co-host Brian “B.Dot” Miller’s top rated list of rappers for 2023. If Latto wasn’t already acting brand new, there’s a chance she may now be, seeing all the love she is being shown heading into the new year.

As for Trina, she has not added her two cents to Trick’s commentary. In a previous response to backlash about Queen Bey reigning supreme in rap, she made it clear that she was not backing down on her stance while reiterating that she is a supporter of female artistry across the board.