Uncle Murda is letting the fans know that he isn’t quitting his “Rap Up” series anytime soon. Today (Dec. 28), the Brooklyn talent shared a teaser for his big 2023 recap on social media. In typical Murda fashion, he also utilized a past diss from Trick Daddy as an intro for the song, which will be entirely produced by Great John.

“The No. 1 clown for the last five years is Uncle Murda. You a clown, boy,” the Floridian legend said in the clip. The audio was notably lifted from Trick’s rant during a February episode of his popular cooking show, “I Got My Pots.” “You take people’s unfortunate disasters. You take people’s downward spirals in life. You take the things that people go through within a year, [and] you sit there and put it in a song. You mention the dead. You mention victims. You mention everybody. You mention people’s money, wives, children. You’re disrespectful.”

Uncle Murda first began the aforementioned series in 2014, which immediately placed him parallel to Mad Skillz, a Virginia emcee who was creating similar annual drops of his own.

In an interview with “Sway In The Morning,” the G-Unit affiliate explained how he crafts his annual “Rap Up” drops in the studio. “I wait till like around a week before Thanksgiving, around that time. There’s a lot of f**kin’ pressure,” he explained on the Shade45 show. He also admitted how his approach to bringing up past situations drove a wedge into some of his connections within Hip Hop. “You know, the people that I usually mention, they don’t usually call me, Sway. They just stop talking to me and they just don’t work with me no more,” he humorously revealed. “I notice that a lot of my relationships change at the top of the year.”