Today (Dec. 21), Central Cee marked his return with “Entrapreneur,” a hard-hitting offering that sees him focused on expanding his business empire.

“We put the trap in the entrepreneur/ All of the time we spent in the field, woulda thought I got me Ballon d’Or/ I’m stackin’, not droppin’ a bag in Dior/ went from a Toyota Yaris to a Urus, I still got the same workrate as before/ Two years that I ain’t been home, 730 days on tour…”

The lyrics contained within the Chris Rich and Caleb Bryant-produced track come to life in a matching visual, which was directed by KGY and shows Cench hard at work on his Syna World streetwear brand. The West London star also delivers his rhymes from a gas station and in a room with two drastically different vehicles, a direct reference to one of the aforementioned bars.

In 2022, Central Cee topped the U.K. Albums chart with his sophomore mixtape, 23, a 15-song body of work with additional features from Rondodasosa, Baby Gang, A2anti, Morad, Beny Jr, Ashe 22, Freeze Corleone and his little brother, Juke Caesar.

Since then, the drill frontrunner liberated the surprise drop No More Leaks and viral drops like “Doja,” “LET GO” and “Me & You.” Back in June, he joined forces with Dave for the four-song EP Split Decision, complete with the runaway hit “Sprinter,” which eventually became the longest-running No. 1 rap song in Great Britain, holding the position for 10 weeks.

In an interview with the Guardian, Cee opened up about adjusting to fame and fortune. “I think I’m level-headed, but recently I’ve been thinking maybe this is unhealthy. Maybe I’m really, really deluded,” he told the publication. “I’m about to buy a [$3.8 million house] like it’s nothing. But, bro, do you know what man was doing even a couple years ago? I ask myself, ‘Why am I not overwhelmed like everybody else seems to be?’ I think it’s because I think I deserve it.”

Press play on “Entrapreneur” below.