This year has been a whirlwind for Keke Palmer, who gave birth to her first child, released an album, Big Boss, with correlating film-like visuals, became a trending topic with Usher and most recently made headlines for her tumultuous relationship with her child’s father.

Through all of life’s dizzying ups and downs, the 30-year-old has remained booked and busy and, more often than not, held on to her sense of humor. This is evidenced by a recent TikTok that she shared of herself in glam hair and makeup while holding her 10-month-old son, Leodis. The text overlay of the video read, “When reality TV makes everyone believe celebrities lives are just one big marketing strategy and scheme, but my life is truly unraveling at the seams, and I just wear trauma like a Dolce [&] Gabbana coat because Sharon didn’t raise no b**ch.”

As previously reported by REVOLT, the multihyphenate talent filed and was granted a restraining order against ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson in early November. She also filed a petition for sole custody of their son, which was temporarily granted. The former couple has since reportedly decided to attempt to settle their issues privately before moving forward with a court hearing.

In a new interview with ELLE, the Nope actress opened up about using the video to comically speak about her struggles to maintain some semblance of privacy while having her life dissected by the public. “With the post… it was like I’m living my life and I go through a tough moment, and I realize that this will be a good part in the documentary of my life. I was like, I totally love that and feel that, and it was just, again, for me, all about authentic expression,” she told the publication.

The seasoned Hollywood talent further explained, “I can’t control what people think they know or want to know about my life, but I think I can control the way that I choose to exist in it. I’m not a robot, but I’m also not a victim to life. I may go through victimizing situations like we all have because life is a bit of a tragic comedy in that way… When it comes to my art, it’s an opportunity for me to express and be authentic in the form that is most comfortable to me. That’s really all it was.”

Palmer hosted the Soul Train Awards last month and gave a jaw-dropping performance of the emotional ballad “Ungorgeous.” This month, she released the video for her new single, “Assets,” which was released on the deluxe edition of Big Boss. Click to watch the video below.