Several hip hop artists have embraced cannabis culture, but none more masterfully than Wiz Khalifa, the man known for his Kush & Orange Juice hits. Wiz is a star in a world where the smell of marijuana melds perfectly with the beat of his rhymes.

Stepping into the game in 2005 with his easygoing flow, which mimics the curving strands of smoke, he celebrates the green leaf without hesitation. Fans are captivated and critics are nodding as Wiz’s lyrical skill, transcending from the gritty streets of Pittsburgh to the international stage, elevates the appreciation of marijuana to an art form.

Not content with merely serenading the world with his music, the emcee has become a prominent entrepreneur in the cannabis industry, carving out a niche for himself in the green frontier. Central to this empire was the introduction of his very own strain, aptly named KK, short for Khalifa Kush. This exclusive strain is a testament to Wiz’s commitment to the culture, embodying his unique blend of creativity and relaxation.

Beyond KK, Wiz has ventured into various other aspects of the cannabis business, from merchandise to collaborations with dispensaries. His advocacy for marijuana legalization and his hands-on approach to the industry reflect not just a business endeavor, but a genuine passion for the plant and its potential to enhance both the world of music and wellness.

In this poetic and lyrical journey through clouds of smoke, you’ll explore Wiz Khalifa’s discography, uncovering his most notable and compelling odes to weed.

1. Mezmorized: “The weed loud like my engine when I speed up / B**ches holding they weave, rolling trees with they pretty feet up.”

As the second song on Kush & Orange Juice, one of Wiz’s most well-known projects, “Mezmorized” steals the show. This song is a lyrical celebration of how his carefree, easygoing attitude attracts women. Wiz uses the word “loud” to create a powerful analogy between the roar of a car engine and the intensity of the marijuana he consumes. Imagine this: The top is down, the women riding shotgun are cruising with their feet up on the dash, their hands gripping their weaves. The imagery painted here is more than a scene; it’s a whole vibe.

2. The Kid Frankie: “First class, roll to another coast / Just to smoke kush / I know a n**ga who grows.”

Being able to hop on a first-class flight to another corner of the country just to savor exotic kush from a friend’s personal farm is the ultimate symbol of success and freedom. As a cannabis connoisseur, having a friend who cultivates their own stash is undoubtedly an incredible and shameless plug, right? In his song “Still Blazin,” Wiz reminisces about times when his finances limited him to smoking only on special occasions. However, with the success of Deal or No Deal and Kush & Orange Juice, life was on the up and up, allowing him to travel cross-country for some home-grown kush.

3. Never Been: “My b**ches only want two things, that’s to get high and kick it / Try my pot prescription, take a couple shots with lemon / Usually have to watch a movie to see how I’m livin’.”

“Never Been” stands out as one of the most popular tracks from Kush & Orange Juice, cleverly sampling “Schala’s Theme” from Chrono Trigger, a Super Nintendo game. Throughout the song, Wiz explicitly acknowledges the expectations of women when they’re around him: To indulge in some high-quality ganja, enjoy a couple of drinks and create new memories. The entire song paints a vivid picture of an all-expenses-paid chill session with the Taylor Gang.

4. In The Cut: “Kush and orange juice be the components.”

Thanks to the Pittsburgh native’s significant musical influence on cannabis culture, kush and orange juice was the stoner starter pack in 2010. All you needed to join the session was your go-to kush strain, some orange juice and a pair of Chuck Taylors. “In The Cut” emerges as the ultimate stoner anthem, a testament to staying lifted and keeping one rolled!

5. Still Blazin feat. Alborosie: “You n**ga’s styrofoam, light weight / I’m on my 13th oz, quite baked.”

It’s no secret that Wiz is smoking good every single day. In the aptly named track “Still Blazin,” he showcases his amazing lung power by playfully referring to those who can’t handle the smoke as “styrofoam,” all while casually mentioning he’s already smoked 13 ounces with plans to smoke more. This track serves as a lyrical journey from broke to boss stoner.

6. Still Blazin: “Smokin’ OG kush from another time zone.”

Although the “Black and Yellow” rapper is always proud to represent Pittsburgh, he gets his greenery from California, a couple time zones away. While there’s truly no place like home, for a weed enthusiast like Wiz, there’s no place like Cali. He makes it very evident that wherever his travels may lead him, he will always have a piece of California on him.

7. Good Dank: “Trees yellin’ / Just by the smell you can tell us / Chronic, I smoke h**la / My pockets want mozzarella.”

In this bar, lifted from “Good Dank,” a Big Jerm-produced gem on the highly acclaimed Kush & Orange Juice, Wiz subtly suggests that you can catch a whiff of him from a distance because his weed is so pungent. It’s a clear declaration that he smokes like a chimney and is focused on securing the bag. This mellow cut is a perfect addition to your smoke session playlist, enhancing the laid-back vibe with Wiz’s signature style.

8. Cabin Fever: “My b**ch from Atlanta, my weed is Jamaican.”

This track found its place on the mixtape also titled Cabin Fever, which Wiz Khalifa dropped just a month before his album Rolling Papers hit the shelves. The bar takes listeners on a journey around the world, with Wiz making a detour from California to Jamaica to replenish his smoke supply. Along the way, he swings by Atlanta to pick up his girl, creating a sonic adventure that shows the essence of Wiz’s global and weed-infused lifestyle.

9. GangBang: “My excuse is I’m in Cali, so my smoke’s highly exclusive.”

Some may be curious as to why Wiz Khalifa has low, red eyes and why there is an enticing odor to him. The reason is that he’s smoking the finest weed accessible in California, which gives off a unique aroma that is impossible to cover up. This is the explanation given in the song “GangBang,” which also features a fiery feature from Detroit’s own Big Sean.

10. Taylor Gang: “Rolex, more sex, good weed, no stress.”

Wiz simplifies the formula for an upgraded life and less stress in just those seven words. According to him, the luxury watch opens doors to increase his luck with the ladies, while quality cannabis helps him unwind from the day’s pressures. This life philosophy echoes in the mixtape Cabin Fever, notably in the track “Taylor Gang,” where Wiz collaborates with his longtime friend Chevy Woods.

11. Hustlin’: “Mind on a mil’, blowing on medicinal.”

Contrary to what many might think, being high doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be focused. Wiz Khalifa exemplifies this as he strategizes on how to make his next million dollars while smoking strong. His ongoing success as both an artist and a cannabis entrepreneur is a testament to the idea that being in an elevated state doesn’t hinder ambition or achievement.

12. Middle Of You: “Smoking OG Kush, that’s Californication.”

Before the world met KK, it was evident that Wiz Khalifa’s top choice strain was the OG Kush straight from California. Known for his diverse taste in music, Wiz pays homage to the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ hit song “Californication” in this line from “Middle of You.” It’s a clear nod to his appreciation for various music genres and his affinity for the iconic West Coast strain.

13. Middle of You: “Loud weed, I’m smoking Leonidas.”

If you’ve watched 300, you’re familiar with Leonidas, and you know how loud he can be when needed. Now, imagine smoking weed as robust and potent as his voice. According to Wiz, that’s the experience with OG Kush from the West Coast, as highlighted in the song “Middle of You” from Cabin Fever. This lively track, featuring Chevy Woods, Poo Bear and Nikkiya, is a definite addition to your smoke session playlist, bringing vibrant vibes to any occasion.

14. On My Level: “The marijuana loud, so them h**s follow like Twitter.”

Making it crystal clear that his distinct aroma draws the attention of the coolest stoner girls, Wiz likens their attraction to gaining Twitter followers once they catch a whiff of him. In “On My Level,” Wiz provides a vivid snapshot of what it’s like to party with him for a night, and you can bet the blunts are in constant rotation. The track offers a glimpse into Wiz’s party scene, where the atmosphere is laced with his signature scent and the good times roll with every puff.

15. California: “Still rolling weed on my XXL / Only difference is that’s me on the cover.”

“California” from the project Taylor Allderdice was released in 2012 and produced by Wiz’s longtime collaborator Cardo. Here, the Grammy award-winning artist encounters a full-circle moment. In a reflective line, Wiz reminisces about the past when he used to roll up his weed on XXL magazine covers featuring his favorite artists. Now, life has taken a different turn — when he looks down, he’s the one on the cover. It’s a reflection on his journey from admiration to becoming a celebrated figure in the industry.