Earlier today (Dec. 14), TMZ shared a short interview with DeRay Davis at Los Angeles International Airport, where he spoke on Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign’s listening event for their new album, Vultures. “It was insane. They put it together really fast,” the comedian said about the celebration, which boasted appearances from the likes of Offset, Kodak Black, Freddie Gibbs, Chris Brown, and Lil Durk. “It was big, man. It was like rock star quality.”

Davis was also asked about the actual music, specifically in regard to Ye’s talents. “It’s so much that I want to tell y’all about it, [and] I can’t even get into it. Bottom line is the love ain’t gone,” he explained. “And you can see that throughout, music speaks multitudes, and you see that. I’m just really happy that’s where his energy [is].”

He continued, “The passion of him rapping, if you imagine the way that he talks, he’d have 10 albums right now if we had music behind everything he’s ever said. I’m glad it’s being funneled through the music and people can hear it for its clarity rather than the wording that goes along when you’re just having a lot of conversations.” Davis then praised both Ty Dolla $ign and Bump J for their verses on the aforementioned LP’s title track.

Before departing, “The Chi” actor spoke on North West, who recently debuted new raps of her own on the project. “She’s bars. North West is by far — I hate to do this to my friend — [is] 10 times better than Ye will ever be,” he declared. “Remember, when Ye started, he was grown. She’s starting now. Her energy’s been up. She already got fans, so all she has to do is put music behind her… Go get your North West concert tickets now.”