Today (Dec. 7), Nicki Minaj reminisced about her iconic fashion moments for Vogue’ s “Life in Looks.” The artist highlighted the creative process behind her most memorable garbs, including the 2010 BET Awards, the 2022 Met Gala and this year’s Barbie premiere.

Starting with the bubblegum pink cover of her debut album, Pink Friday, Minaj described it as one of the most important looks she’s done. “What we were going for in this shoot was trying to make me look like a big Barbie doll. Once I saw the photo, I loved it, but I wanted the dress to be, like, more poofy,” she explained. The final touch was adding extra lace to the garment post-production.

The “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” rapper proceeded to discuss various Fashion Week ensembles. Notably, she spoke about her outfit at Marc Jacobs’ runway show in 2018. “I wanted something that felt the least safe… I wanted to have Marc Jacobs meet Nicki Minaj, not Nicki Minaj goes all the way over to Marc Jacobs with no Nicki Minaj left. I loved this dress,” she said.

Toward the end of the video, Minaj spoke about the cover of her upcoming LP, Pink Friday 2, where she’s dressed in Vetements. Notably, the stylist for the look was Maher Jridi. Additionally, Arrogant Tae did her hair, and Pat McGrath handled the makeup creative direction.

“I just loved that it didn’t have to show any skin. I just loved that sometimes women are the most confident when they’re completely covered up,” Minaj stated. “I saw my fans debating about, ‘Is she going there or is she coming from there?’ I loved the discussion. I just want people to decide for themselves what it makes them feel first.”

Pink Friday 2 is scheduled to drop at midnight (Dec. 8). It will contain previously released singles “Last Time I Saw You” and “Big Difference.” This is also Minaj’s first full-length project since her 2018 album Queen.