DaBaby says he’s finished with alcohol. On Sunday (Dec. 3), the presumably hungover rapper shared a short video on Instagram about his decision.

“It’s official, bruh. I don’t drink no more,” he declared in the clip as someone offered him a Gatorade for his self-inflicted ailment. “I don’t drink no more. I got my appearances, don’t give me no bottles, don’t offer me no shots, don’t do none of that. You offer me a drink, from this point forward, I’m stealing the f**k off. It’s as simple as that. We’re gonna get to hittin’ immediately. Yeah. So you better not be drunk ’cause I’m gon’ be sober… I do not drink no more.”

He then revealed that a less-than-ideal moment with his daughter was a big reason behind his intent to become a teetotaler.

“I go pick my baby up, right, fat mama. I pick her up from my mama. She get in the car. I’m throwing up on [Interstate 77]. I’m throwing up, she beside me in her car seat talking ’bout some, ‘Good job! Good job!'” he explained. “I’m fighting for my life in the back seat and my baby talkin’ ’bout, ‘Good job.’ Man, it’s embarrassing. In front of my baby. I don’t drink no more. I’m stealing off. I dare you. I’ma be outside tonight. Offer me a drink. If you wanna fight, then offer me a drink.” The video ended after someone asked if DaBaby wanted some liquor as a joke.

As REVOLT previously reported, the Billion Dollar Baby CEO revealed that he made it to “the other side of all the bulls**t” following a rough few years in the spotlight, which included controversy over inflammatory remarks and the loss of close family members. “I had a lot of things going on all at the same time, [and] while I was dealing with all my personal issues, a lot of people ain’t know what I had going on,” he told HipHopDX.