The Harris family is unshaken by a recent blowup caught on an Instagram Live between King Harris and his parents, T.I. and Tiny. While some headlines have attempted to pit the father and son against each other, the The L.I.B.R.A. artist has squashed any accusations of there being a lasting family feud with his 19-year-old son.

Domani, the second eldest of T.I.’s four sons, also recently addressed the viral heated exchange that provoked King to exclaim, “I stand on business!” The 22-year-old told Baller Alert that he dished simple advice to King in the wake of the publicized incident. “’Just relax.’ I said, ‘This too shall pass,’” Domani told the podcast hosts in the new episode published on Friday (Dec. 1).

The argument reached a fever pitch during a Nov. 26 Falcons game at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium. It appeared to stem, in part, from a disagreement about King’s upbringing being split between his parent’s household and that of his maternal grandmother’s.

Domani believes his brother’s attempt at explaining that he was not completely sheltered from reality by the gates of a well-to-do community has been misconstrued. “I think everything King is trying to say is just coming off, he’s using the wrong words, I feel like, and I told him this,” said the up-and-coming artist.

“I feel like what he’s trying to say is [that] what was on TV is not exactly what actually happened, and I think he’s only trying to say that because people try to treat him… I don’t know what be going on when he go outside… I think he [was] just trying to say he went to school from his grandma house, he stayed at his grandma house,” he explained.

He would go on to add, “I think just us, as in the Black community, I feel like… we just treat kids differently when their parents are successful. So I think right now we’re just witnessing how a family deals with that. How a family deals with that backlash growing up in school ‘cause we all went to regular schools, public schools.”

The two brothers, who are each pursuing their own musical paths outside of the shadow of T.I.’s enviable career, recently collaborated on “Father Like Sons.”