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  /  10.20.2021

S1 E42 | Domani & K-Camp


Big Bank and DJ Scream are back with a double dose special of the “Big Facts” podcast. First up, rising star Domani  stopped by to chat about pivoting into the music industry, navigating his career all while being a famous kid, and some of the tough decisions he’s made in an effort to build a legacy outside of his famous father.

Later on, the crew was joined by recording artist K Camp who discussed his creative process, songwriting, and what crucial piece of advice his mother gave him that he applied toward his career. 

Many viewers may know Domani as the son of T.I. And like many children of celebrity parents, Domani has decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and take his shot at the music business — having already released several projects throughout the years. Still, the 20-year-old has been vocal, at least according to his father, about creating his own legacy.

Lately, the young star says he’s just been fine tuning his music catalog and recently released a project titled SKYDIVE. “I got D. Smoke on there, Rapsody, Anthony Hamilton came through… Nasty C from South Africa. Some nice, some dope artists,” he revealed. “That’s why I’ve been sitting on it so long, just trying to perfect it — get different people on and get different instruments. Tell the story how I wanted to tell it.”  

Having been around musical figures practically all his life, Domani admitted that it was only a matter of time before he ended up doing something music related. However, he said, “What really made me start to take it seriously — really study the music and study the game — I was like 16 or 17 years old and I just wanted to really talk about something I really felt.”

He continued: “Instead of just being a rapper and talking about exactly what I heard on the radio and what I seen on TV, I wanted to find myself. I felt like that was very important around 16 or 17.”

Elsewhere, the rising star said rapping about subject matters such as drugs and having ops just isn’t authentic to him. “That’s not me and I feel like people see straight through that and if not right now, eventually they’ll see straight through that,” he explained.   

Still, finding himself as an artist hasn’t been an easy task, especially having an A-list celebrity for a father. Later in the show, Domani detailed some of the pros and cons of having famous connections. 

“A lot of people think that it’s easier, I do agree,” he began. “Anybody can be an artist, anybody could be a superstar. It’s just about who knows you, who you know, and how they know you.” When asked to elaborate, the rapper expressed that it was all about relationships.

“If you got a relationship with someone at Apple or someone at Spotify or someone at Tidal, that’s all you really need. You need them people that be in the meetings to say, ‘We need to push this kid or we need to push this person.’ If you know those people, then it’s going to be a lot easier.”

However, Domani believes he may have made achieving his dreams of being a rap star a bit tougher by putting an emphasis on trying to find himself and his sound, something he says is hard to do with different people giving you advice from every corner — most of which Domani says is based off his upbringing as a celebrity kid.

At this point in his career, the “Family Connect” musician said he’s just trying to “figure it out.” While he would like his music to play in environments like popular night clubs, which Bank pointed out that he shouldn’t have an issue with, the star said, “I’m not going to force it. I feel like that will come naturally.”

Next up, K Camp came though. Wasting no time, he spoke on his creative process after DJ Scream highlighted the 31-year-old’s unique ability to obtain longevity while rarely being in the public eye.

“I pop out when it’s time to drop the album,” Camp explained. “Drop the album, go on tour, duck off and get some money. I be tryna learn some shit off season. I don’t just be sitting in the house bullshitting. I’m tryna learn some shit and get some more money.” This is perhaps why making a smash record comes so easily to the “Comfortable” artist. 

“Just going in there [studio] and just really telling your truth. Niggas be goddamn capping. If you going there and really just say how you feel and shit come out natural,” he added. “I can’t overthink it. If I go in there overthinking a record, I’m not recording it… If I feel like I’m doing too much, I cut that bitch off and go chill.”

Much like Domani, K Camp’s grew up seeing music in his family. “This shit really in the family though, it’s in the bloodline. Aunties and Uncles—everybody was in some type of band playing some  type of instrument…” the “Game Ain’t Free” co-writer explained

“It really just fell in my lap. I was hooping first… and God called me.” He said following a serious injury in high school, he made the pivot to music and “ain’t stopped since.”

Yet, even from the start of his musical journey, the star claims he knew he’d be successful. “One thing about me, bro, when I got my mind locked on some shit, ain’t know ending to it… I don’t stop till I get that shit,” he said. 

Aside from creating his unique sound of hip hop blended with R&B, Camp has been a successful writer—though he admits to having slowed down on that aspect of his craft. He revealed he wrote a verse for Beyonce’s feature on Megan Thee Stallion “Savage (Remix).”

“Not the one that she cut, I wrote one for her to cut and she end up cutting another one,” he divulged. “And that’s the type of shit I ain’t got time for.”

Elsewhere, the “Slum Anthem” musician spoke on some of the advice he’s received from his mother that benefited him as an artist. “She was on my ass ‘bout that business early and I wasn’t listening… Obviously, it beat me in the ass,” he admitted.  

“But everything she taught me, I started to, you know, contribute that to my career and my personal, and all that shit start to work out for the better. But, she was on my ass ‘bout them contracts, I’m saying, looking at the percentages… putting everybody in your pocket just taking your money, they ain’t doing shit.”

K Camp is currently signed to Interscope record. The star said he is contractually obligated to release two more albums before continuing his career as an independent artist, something the artist says he’s very much looking forward to.

If you like what you heard, be sure to stay tuned every week for new episodes of “Big Facts.” Also, don’t make sure to watch the latest show above!


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