Today (Dec. 1), Tyla appeared on New Music Daily to promote her latest single, “Truth or Dare.” “It was so fun to make. I just feel like I’ve worked on my sound so much these past years working on the album, so making this type of music is easy for me,” she said about the Sammy Soso-produced offering to Zane Lowe.

The South African talent also spoke on her breakthrough hit, “Water,” which was released back in July and peaked at No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. As she revealed, a lot has happened since the amapiano-inspired offering — which boasts a remix from Travis Scott — hit streaming platforms. “‘Water’ literally changed my whole life completely. It’s so crazy how a song can change your life like this. It’s beautiful,” she expressed. “It’s so exciting. I’m so happy that people are loving the sound coming from home. So yeah, I’m excited to see where it goes from here.”

Tyla continued by admitting how the newfound fame forces her to navigate the world differently. “A lot of the time, I’ll just be doing what I usually do, and then my team has to remind me, ‘You can’t do that anymore.’ So, I’m kind of adjusting to it,” the Epic Records signee stated. “I’m just excited that more people are hearing my music and enjoying the stuff that I’m putting out. And yeah, I’ll still have to get used to this whole change, but we’ll see.”

Both “Water” and “Truth or Dare” are taken from her forthcoming self-titled debut LP, which is expected to make landfall at the top of 2024. On the title choice, Tyla explained, “For now, my introduction to the world, I just wanted to be clean… I want people to get to know my name and get to know my sound because my first project is going to be Tyla in music form. So, I felt like [making it] self-titled would’ve been the best way to go.”

Check out “Truth or Dare” below.