On Thursday (Nov. 23), Q Da Fool blessed the masses by dropping off two new songs with visuals to match. First, fans were treated to the Laf Da Don-produced “Strong,” which saw the DMV talent delivering real life tales on wax. “My n**ga was stronger than a b**ch, but he ain’t make it though / You know you done struck gold when you cut it up and n**ga take a fo’ / I done really been crossed out where it make a n**ga play a snake role,” he rapped in the Ben10 4K-directed clip.

Hours later, Q Da Fool kept the momentum going with “Welcome Back,” a clever flip of Mase’s 2004 hit of the same name. After sharing footage of his recent release from behind bars, the “Memory Lane” rapper visited a jeweler and more in the short video — also directed by Ben10 4K — before reciting his hard-hitting rhymes at a youth football game.

“I lost an ounce my first time cooking, but I bought it back / Oh, you the one that they just robbed, I heard you bought it back / My n**ga got his time back, then got stepped in his back / We walked the yard, talkin’ ’bout some broads, I prolly smoke a jack / I might just load up and go spend s**t in that Maybach / Your man got blown up, I ain’t stressed ’bout it, just laid back / These streets done turned a heart of gold to a heart of stone…”

Even with his legal issues, Q Da Fool has continued to produce a consistent stream of music over the past couple of years, releasing projects like I’ll Be Back and Home Detention in 2023 alone. As he revealed on social media, his next body of work, Art Of Ambition, will arrive Dec. 15. In the meantime, you can press play on “Strong” and “Welcome Back” below.