Cardi B clapped back at a hater who body shamed her after a video of the rapper in the gym went viral.

Last night (Nov. 21), a social media user reposted the clip on Twitter and wrote, “I hate influencers who do this. Get all the surgery acting like they really be in the gym when really if they gain more weight, they will just get surgery again. [Shaking my head].”

Cardi, who is known for her unfiltered personality, caught wind of the comment. “How vocal have I been about my procedures??? The thing is, I don’t gain weight much, so I’m trying to gain MUSCLE [because] it’s hard for me to maintain fat… Also, there’s this thing called visceral fat… It’s fat that grows under the muscle and you can’t lipo it. Only thing you can do is work it out! THAT’S WHY YOU SEE POUCHES ON LIPO GIRLS. YOU HAVE TO MAINTAIN IT!” she explained. Check out the post below.

This is not the first time the Bronx native had to come after haters regarding someone’s body. As previously reported by REVOLT, during an Instagram Live session back in August of 2021, Lizzo shed tears in front of her fans as she addressed people who had mean things to say about her.

Cardi later came to the “About D**n Time” hitmaker’s defense. “When you stand up for yourself, they claim [you’re] problematic [and] sensitive. When you don’t, they tear you apart until [you’re] crying like this. Whether [you’re] skinny, big, [or] plastic, [they’re] going to always try to put their insecurities on you. Remember, these are nerds looking at the popular table,” she tweeted.

Cardi has always been candid about the cosmetic procedures she’s undergone. During an interview on “The Jason Lee Show,” the “Bongos” hitmaker stated that she’s had a butt lift and a nose job. “I like being perfect, I like a certain type of body for myself,” she said.