As previously reported by REVOLT, Snoop Dogg recently made a shocking announcement, stating that he’s quit smoking. “After much consideration and conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke. Please respect my privacy at this time,” a post on his Instagram page read.

Although the hip hop legend did not specify what kind of smoke he gave up on, he’s always been a huge advocate for marijuana. Now, many celebrities are willing to follow in his footsteps. Meek Mill revealed that he’s going to stop smoking too due to health reasons. “I’ma [wait] once I go cold in Dubai… Snoop [started] the ‘no smoking challenge,’ we [gon’] follow up! It’s not healthy for me!” the Philly rapper said on Twitter.

“I’ma go to Dubai and completely stop smoking,” he continued in a follow-up tweet. “I’ma follow Snoop. My doctor said I got a lil’ bit [of] emphysema in [my] chest [and] if I don’t stop smoking, it [will] cut my lifeline in half. I was addicted to the nicotine, and this new weed got too many chemicals, and too risky to play with my mental!”

During an interview in October on Apple Music’s “Rap Life Radio with Ebro Darden,” Meek and Rick Ross opened up about their journey to sobriety. “My stomach was bent over for like a year and a half. I came home, 2019, I couldn’t smoke weed or really drink liquor like that. Before 2019, I was off the lean and all that. I changed my lifestyle — well, I thought I changed. Tried to change over to the liquor every day ’cause I’m being on tour, [after-parties]. That s**t kind of ruined my stomach, so I had to sit down for a minute, let my s**t build up,” Meek said.

The rapper continued, “That was another human trial that we go through on the inside and then it’s like, ‘Yo, when you dropping?’ I’m telling my own family, ‘Yo, my stomach f**ked up. I weigh 170. I’m hit right now!’ But people wasn’t seeing it, though. People will see it or might make a joke about it, but in real life like, yo, my s**t f**ked up.”

Ross then chimed in. “That being little bro, it could be something that you walk into the studio, you walk into your homie, and you see your homie not all the way on his ‘A’ game,” he added. “That’s one of the things that me and Meek most definitely had conversations about — vice versa, though.” He continued, “Me drinking lean at a time and now, I’m taking medication two times a day because of this. And then you walk into a session, you see your little bro, ‘Aye, man, we gotta tighten up on this s**t.’ It’s a lot of different ways we can have issues, or back and forth, but we always got the money.”