You’re living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Future. Grammys, BET Awards, an iHeartRadio Music Award and several nominations are just a few of his accolades. The Atlanta-raised rapper is known for his unique sound, style and story.

Regarded as one of the most influential artists for pioneering modern-day trap music, Future has received his flowers from Young Thug, Lil Uzi and other younger stars. He’s a revered figure in the game.

When listening to his music, you can tell he’s focused, so it’s easy to be inspired by his artistry and him as a person. Below are some Future lyrics and quotes that will inspire you on your journey to success.

1. “There’s going to be hate. You have to get over that from the beginning. You can’t let that determine your future.”

One thing is certain, and two things are for sure: Future is a hater blocker. He’s dodged negative comments about being toxic, a cheater and more for years. That’s how he stays focused. We can all learn a thing or two from Future by standing firm on what you know your character is and moving accordingly, as seen in this “Breakfast Club” interview.

2. “I feel like I’m one of none.”

Save this as your lock screen, put it on your vision board and title your morning alarm as this quote because it’s how you need to see yourself daily. Future has mastered self-confidence. He’s aware of who he is, and his boldness to state this about himself during a Billboard interview solidifies that.

3. “I set the trend.”

That’s how you must view yourself to stay the course and remain encouraged. Recognize that you’re a trendsetter. You’re the blueprint. Future’s self-assuredness has allowed him to make a path for himself in the industry.

4. Holy Ghost:Made an M to a 10, now I’m posted on Forbes again.

Woah, first of all, that’s a bar. Second, this line speaks to Future’s ability to multiply his wealth. The song discusses his bragging rights as an artist. He’s made it out of the mud and lives a lavish lifestyle. This verse embodies what the whole song is about: success. Next time you think, “Why am I going this hard?” remember, success is right around the corner.

5. Fresh Air: “Don’t let your dreams go to waste.”

You can say that again! This song is about breaking free from the routine of life. Getting caught up in the mundane is so easy. Sometimes, we need fresh air. To reach the pinnacle of success, you must act, live and see life differently. Your perspective must change if you want your life to. Let this lyric inspire you as you accomplish your goals.

6. “God always has a way of showing me ‘your good.’ Don’t go against the blessing.”

Rest! Not in the means of sitting around doing nothing, but rest assured that if God calls you to it, he’ll bring you through it. That’s what Future sheds light on in his Hot 97 interview. If God graced you with a talent, ability or skill, know that when you do the work, he’ll do his part to accelerate you. He’s rooting for you.

7. “You have to be appreciative of every moment in life.”

One thing Future will do is reflect. It’s a massive part of why he’s been able to persevere. Throughout his music and interviews, he details his troubled background. For him to witness where he is now compared to the circumstances he was born into leaves nothing but room for gratitude. One way to remain encouraged is to practice gratefulness.

8. “Who am I competing with?”

Ask yourself this question daily. In the same Hot 97 interview from the two above blurbs, Future was asked how it feels to prove himself continually, and his answer was this quote. When you lay out his accomplishments and the trends he’s set, the only right answer is that response.

9. My Legacy: “Ain’t no sleep, I keep goin’, goin’, goin’, goin’.”

Though a balanced diet, a whole night’s rest and wellness are great, Future acknowledges that sometimes that’s impossible when striving toward your dreams. While you’re losing sleep to accomplish your goals, remember that you’re not alone. A part of getting to the top is making sacrifices that not everyone is willing to.

10. “It’s just about having that confidence.”

Future was receiving his flowers when he said this in a previous Billboard interview. He shared with his fans that confidence got him to where he is today. To remain encouraged, you must stay secure in your character and goals. Insecurity is a burden you cannot carry on the road to success.

11. Coming Out Strong ft. The Weeknd: “Must be out of your mind, do you know who I am?”

Who knew a quick and sassy statement could have so much power? This song discusses the highs and lows of fame and how certain people can leave you jaded. Therefore, sometimes you have to hit folks with a rhetorical question to get on the same page, and that’s what Future did.

He knows who he is, but do you? If the receiving party did, they wouldn’t come sideways. The test of loyalty comes as one elevates, so rest assured that it’s part of the process.

12. Life Is Good ft. Drake: “We some poor, high-class n**gas / Made it, we rich.”

You can stay true to who you are and achieve success. Future is a walking testimony of that. There’s this belief that one must code-switch and become posh to obtain their goals, but that’s not always the case. Let Future’s lifestyle motivate you to do the same. Being true to yourself can and will help you win.

13. X feat. Future: “You done made me wake my savage up.”

I’m just stuntin’ on my ex – you know the rest. This song is the braggadocious anthem of the decade. 21 Savage and Future spend four minutes and 19 seconds flashing their items and experiences. Who wouldn’t feel themselves and want to stunt on anyone who wronged them in the past after listening? Wake up.

14. “I write it because I was born to do this. I was given this gift, and I’m making the most of my opportunity.”

Not much can stop you once you have a perspective of your purpose. Clarifying why God created you for the time you are alive changes how you approach work and the grit you have to complete it. In this Pitchfork interview, Future explained how he taps into that level of understanding and lets it drive him.

15. “I always found a way to create around everything. I turn pain into diamonds.”

Optimism will take you far. Future has taken a life of misfortune and turned it into a life fit for a king. His ability to not complain about his circumstances, but change them, has allowed him to go far. This quote from his GQ interview shows that he sees the glass half full. Anyone with that attitude can persevere and create great work regardless of what’s happening around them.

16. “Constantly, no matter how much success you have, you have to constantly prove yourself everyday.”

Proving yourself never ends. Life is not made of one-and-dones. If someone defines success as longevity, they must be prepared to outdo themselves daily. Many have yet to realize this lifelong commitment is necessary to reach a particular peak. Future had that revelation and continues to move mountains in the industry because of it.

17. “To prove myself right and everyone else wrong, it’s a great feeling.”

Talk about it, Future! Not many will have the opportunity to embrace this feeling because they don’t have the same work ethic as someone like him. For those who will, it’s life-changing, which is why Future describes it as such. The next time you want to give up, remember you have something to prove to yourself and others.

18. I’m Dat N**ga: “Don’t play ’bout the legacy, havin’ more stripes than a referee.”

In this song, Future talks about having more influence and credibility than a referee. No one controls or manages the flow of the rap game like he does. He truly is that n ** ga and is well aware of it. This type of confidence comes with status, and status comes with an uncompromised work ethic. Keep going.

19. Never Stop: “I just want to see my dogs ball, seven figures.”

It’s bigger than you. If you care for the people in your life, you also want to see them succeed. Whether that’s supporting them by being a source of inspiration or otherwise, your community is relying on you. Let that serve as an encouragement to keep going.

20. I’m On One ft. Drake: “I got a different type of body built.”

Future is on top of the world, and still wants more. There’s a rare breed of folks who are built with that hustle mentality. Future proves throughout his investments, and amplified through his music, that he’s one of those guys. He’s going after every goal aggressively and there’s no limit to what he can achieve.