The Black riverboat co-captain who was accosted by white pontoon occupants in Montgomery, AL has been charged with third-degree assault. According to on Wednesday (Nov. 8), Dameion Pickett, previously listed as Damien Pickett, is set to be arraigned on Nov. 21. Inexplicably, this wasn’t announced by authorities when said charge was filed on Oct. 26.

According to Montgomery Municipal Court documents, the complainant in Pickett’s case is 25-year-old Zachary Shipman, one of four aggressors previously charged in a massive brawl that began when the Harriott II riverboat attempted to park in a designated area. As REVOLT previously reported, the white group was repeatedly asked to move their private boat before Pickett, 43, took action and moved it himself. He was then met with verbal and physical attacks. “‘Don’t touch that boat, motherf**ker, or we will beat your a**,’” the co-captain recounted in a written statement to police.

Bystanders, including 42-year-old Reggie Ray and a 16-year-old, identified by a family publicist as Aaren, jumped in to intervene. Ray, who was subsequently charged with disorderly conduct and was accused of utilizing a folding chair in the fracas, received roughly $300,000 in donations from supporters after the incident.

Shipman, along with 48-year-old Richard Roberts, 23-year-old Allen Todd, and 21-year-old Mary Todd, faced Judge Samarria Dunson in court back in October. Mary’s initial third-degree assault charge was downgraded to harassment following a plea agreement that included court costs and a requirement to complete anger management classes. Meanwhile, Roberts, who was hit with two assault charges, received a four-month suspended sentence, of which he’ll serve 32 days in a Perry County jail on the weekends. He’ll also pay court costs and had to commit to 100 hours of community service. Allen and Shipman, along with Ray, will return to court on Nov. 16.