In 2023, when our Instagram feeds can feel as curated as an art gallery, a well-chosen caption can truly make or break the photo(s) it accompanies. Whether you’re posting a pic of a city skyline at dusk or a photo dump full of candid moments with friends, there are surely some Drake lyrics that not only match the vibe, but elevate it.

There’s a reason why he’s the most-streamed artist of all time — he captures the essence of our times with a great precision. His song topics range from the highs of success to the intimacy of heartbreak and the celebrations of life’s finest moments to the reflections of its quiet ones. So, next time you’re looking for a caption for your perfectly curated IG, there’s a 95 percent chance that Drizzy’s got you!

Check out our list of 27 Drake lyrics that make great Instagram captions below — and use them!

1. Big Rings: “You and yours versus me and mine”

Everybody’s got their squad. This lyric is perfect for the flyest photo of you and yours when you know nobody’s touching y’all!

2. Away From Home: “Days in the East with the bros, watchin’ Tristan and Devoe while they runnin’ up the score”

This is a specific type of lyric. If you were outside when TT and Devoe Joseph were running up the numbers at Texas and Minnesota, this is the caption for that throwback picture.

3. Jumpman: “Lobster and Céline for all my babies that I miss”

For the photos that scream luxury, there simply isn’t a better caption. Take a look at the cover of What a Time to Be Alive, for example. That’s the type of photo for this wordplay.

4. Away From Home: “I’m tryna keep it humble, I’m tryna keep it gracious”

When you know you’ve been killing it lately, but you’re trying to keep it humble. Nothing wrong with a subtle brag!

5. Furthest Thing: “Somewhere between I want it and I got it”

When you’ve hit that sweet spot where ambition has finally met achievement, nothing feels better. This caption is perfect for a photo of you in your element – whatever that is for you.

6. Gyalchester: “She wanna get married tonight, but I can’t take a knee, ’cause I’m wearin’ all white”

If you know you’re pulling off the all-white fit, why not flex a little? It’s rare for an occasion to rise where a look like that is required, so when it does, it’s only right to bring the cameras out!

7. Started From The Bottom: “Started from the bottom, now we’re here”

When you really started from the bottom and “got it out the mud,” this is the perfect throwback caption to celebrate how far you’ve come.

8. Fair Trade: “Feelin’ young, but they treat me like the OG”

When you’ve got the energy of a rookie but the respect of a vet, you’ve gotta flex!

9. Over: “I’m living life right now, man, and this what I’mma do ’til it’s over”

When you’re living in the moment and it truly feels like nothing could be better. This caption is the epitome of moments we wish could last forever. Perfect for a picture of you and the homies in the club.

10. First Person Shooter: “I love a dinner with some fine women”

This one’s for the night you’re out looking clean but feeling cleaner. When the company is as exquisite as the meal, that’s a memory worth capturing.

11. 6 God: “Nobody really likes us except for us”

It’s us against the world – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. When your crew is all you need, that’s a bond that can’t be broken!

12. Over: “I swear this life is like the sweetest thing I’ve ever known”

This lyric just feels like a vacation. Whether it’s Turks and Caicos, the Bahamas, Detroit or elsewhere, pair your best vacay pictures with this caption!

13. Best I Ever Had: “Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on”

This one’s for those selfies that are all about natural beauty and comfort. Those cozy and effortless days are priceless.

14. Blessings: “I’m here for a good time, not a long time”

Life is too short to not enjoy it. When the IG post is all about those unforgettable days and nights, this is the perfect lyric to accompany it.

15. 0 to 100 / The Catch Up: “Whole squad on that real s**t”

For that squad picture where everyone’s keeping it 100 and you know your crew is genuine to the core! Day ones only!

16. What Would Pluto Do?: “Life is goin’ just how I predicted, okay”

When everything is falling into place and you’re just riding the wave. That’s most definitely a vibe that deserves a spot on your Instagram feed.

17. Fair Trade: “Imitation isn’t flattery, it’s just annoyin’ me”

When you’ve got the sauce, there’ll always be others trying to bite your style. This one’s for those times when you’re in a league of your own and want to let it be known.

18. 0 to 100 / The Catch Up: “They ain’t make me what I am, they just found me like this”

For the self-made person who rose from the concrete. It’s not just about the glow-up, it’s about the grind that got you there. Keep going.

19. Life Is Good: “Workin’ on the weekend like usual”

For someone with a certified hustle mentality and who doesn’t take a day off. This is the grind anthem for everyone making motion every day of the week.

20. I’m Upset: “I’m blessed, I just checked”

Just a little reminder to count your many blessings. This lyric is perfect to post on the gram when you’re feeling thankful for where you are today.

21. Nonstop: “Look, I just flipped the switch”

Flip the script, change the game, make them look. This is for the moments when you know you’re about to turn everything upside down.

22. Views: “I keep it 100 like I’m running a fever”

Keep it real, keep it hot – this lyric from “Views” is for those moments when you’re too honest for your own good.

23. Blessings: “I’m way up, I feel blessed”

When you’re on a high that only going up can bring. Use this caption when you’re feeling on top of the world!

24. Find Your Love: “I doubt you’ll find another”

For that solo shot when you’re feeling irreplaceable. This one’s for self-love and knowing your worth.

25. Fair Trade: “Lookin’ back, it’s hard to tell you where I started”

For when you glance over your shoulder and see just how far you’ve come. This caption is perfect for the throwbacks and transformations that tell the story of your journey.

26. How About Now: “Always felt like my vision been bigger than the bigger picture”

For the dreamers with dreams bigger than big. This caption is all about ambition and the journey beyond the frame.

27. Pipe Down: “The world is yours, but the city’s mine”

Time to be the hometown hero. This caption is perfect for the photo of you back in your hometown.