19Keys is all about progression for his people, and the time he spent at REVOLT WORLD was proof of that.

On day three of the inaugural event, the goal was to have powerful conversations that pushed the culture forward. That said, 19Keys partnered with Chakabars to host an enlightening “High LVL Conversations” talk.

“One of the main panels is going to be the conversation with me and Chakabars about how to push a new culture for the diaspora,” he told REVOLT ahead of the chat. “We came here to be the radical side, you feel me, with a real valuable, high-level conversation about what this society needs.”

What’s more, the pair used their passion for the culture to unearth some of the critical issues that the Black community faces at not only a national level but from a global perspective as well. Additionally, they spoke about pushing the community forward through the creation of new Black institutions and economic systems.

That wasn’t 19Keys’ only conversation for the day. Later, the global thought leader, entrepreneur, designer, and public speaker shifted gears to talk about how Black men and women can come together to invoke change in the culture. During the first-ever live taping of REVOLT’s “Black Girl Stuff,” 19Keys joined hosts Kennedy Rue, Tori Brixx, Britt Hall, Akilah Ffriend, and Brii Renee to discuss all things Black love.

Fellow panelists Tyler Lepley, Quincy Brown, and Joey BADA$$ also came through to chime in on various topics, including the 50/50 rule, infidelity, and sex versus intimacy.

“We’re just trying to get these relationships and situationships right within the culture,” 19Keys told REVOLT backstage ahead of the live chat.

During the “Black Girl Stuff” discussion, he broke down his philosophy of giving 100 percent or nothing at all. “As a man, I couldn’t respect myself if my woman was the provider,” the changemaker said. “I think for the average woman and the average man, a woman is not respecting you if she has to be your mother. I believe in gender roles simply because we are supposed to protect our women. I don’t believe in 50/50; it has to be 100/100.”

The rest of the chat kept audience members on their feet and by the end of REVOLT WORLD, people walked away with a few high-level nuggets thanks to 19Keys.

When he’s not dropping gems about relationships and Black love, the financial literacy advocate is sharing knowledge that can help his community level up. 19Keys is now on his “Highest Level” tour, which has already made pitstops in Los Angeles, California; Toronto, Canada; and will be pulling up soon to Bronx, New York and the final stop of Boston, Massachusetts. See more info about his trek here.