Siya claims her Instagram account was hacked after a series of unflattering and concerning posts were seemingly shared on her account by a scorned ex-lover. Siya addressed the cryptic posts controversy on Saturday (Nov. 4).

In a short video, she began by saying, “I was hacked,” before going on to debunk claims that she acted out violently in a past relationship. “I want to clarify that I’ve never — I’ve never abused her or anybody that I’ve ever dealt with. I wanted to move on respectfully and privately,” Siya said after the videos and photos depicting her in vulnerable situations were uploaded to her account, some with lengthy captions claiming she was manipulative and unfaithful to her ex.

Despite the woman allegedly posting a video and photo that showed her face, Siya said she had no desire to drag her ex’s name through the mud. “I just don’t have that in my heart, and people who know me know that. I really don’t even know what to say. I woke up to this, blindsided by this,” continued her message to fans. Siya reiterated the sentiment in her caption, which reads, “The only person I wish to vent to is my granny! Y’all will never hear my side of the story because hurting anyone publicly is not who I am. God got me. I love y’all.”

In her Instagram Story, the “Honey Love” rapper further addressed a claim that she was financially dependent on her ex. “I’m human. I’ve had highs and lows, but one thing about me, I’m a f**king provider by any means necessary. I’m from the trenches! Wasn’t s**t handed to me, and I’ve always figured out a way! I’m an empath. I will give the f**king shirt off my back to a complete stranger! Ask any n**ga in my life!”

The Brooklyn-raised entertainer who also sings and acts is among the cast members of “Baddies East.” Prior to joining the Zeus Network, she appeared on three seasons of Oxygen’s “Sisterhood of Hip-Hop.” In the world of music, she has worked with Tank, who signed her to his R&B Money label. In January, she released her six-track EP, Mixed Emotions.