Today (Oct. 24), Kid Cudi dropped off a new video for “ILL WHAT I BLEED,” a bass-heavy cut that was released in September. Produced alongside Jean Baptiste, Ryan Buendia, and Karl Rubin, the track saw the Cleveland veteran at his most boastful on wax.

“Here’s the picture, I’m that mister, I do what I please, I keep it simple, keep my circle with the real ones by my side, cannot miss him when he enter rooms, your girl, she fix her eyes, listen, I am a wizard, Emma, destined since I’m born, they say he like a myth, they nevеr see him, boy too high, I hate when cats be talkin’ likе we homies, man you lie, we be poppin’…”

Kid Cudi directed the accompanying clip for “ILL WHAT I BLEED” with legendary videographer Jason Goldwatch. Viewers can catch the “Solo Dolo” artist hanging with longtime collaborator Dot da Genius somewhere in South Korea.

The aforementioned cut is expected to appear on Cudi’s ninth studio LP, INSANO. As REVOLT previously reported, said album will arrive in 2024 with more than 40 songs between its regular and deluxe editions. “I am positive this album will have everything you need from me, the fun, the deep thoughts, the inspiration to go out, and live your life and be great, the love, the madness, all of it,” he said to fans on Twitter. “And I have a wonderful cast of features that I’m sure you all will love.”

After confirming Dot’s inclusion on INSANO, Cudi continued, “I got a chance to work with some really dope producers I’ve never worked with before… It’s all new energy, which allowed me to go to new places and revisit some old vibes too. This album has a very Indicud tone but on a TRILLION.”

Press play on “ILL WHAT I BLEED” below.