Although the fitness fanatic shows some skin on her social media, Brittany Renner isn’t one to accept money for Rated-R content or favors.

While filming the first live taping of “The Jason Lee Show” at REVOLT WORLD, the media mogul acknowledged that Renner never hopped on OnlyFans, an online content subscription service that took off during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many internet personalities at that time, and currently, offered their followers a chance to see Rated-R images and videos in which they performed sexual acts to make easy money. However, the former athlete and “Basketball Wives” star proudly said she doesn’t partake in those kinds of activities.

“No, I don’t,” she told Lee. “They wish I would.”

Part of the reason for Renner’s rise to fame was her viral social media posts in bikinis, workout clothes, and outfits that accentuated her plump derriere. But, despite the way people may perceive the Mississippi native, Renner is simply comfortable in her skin and shared that she has no interest in revealing anything further in exchange for coins.

The 46-year-old host mentioned she once trended on Pornhub and wondered how the model became a topic on the raunchy site. Renner told Lee, “Wishful thinking. You ain’t never going to see it.”

The “Basketball Wives” cast member then shared why she will never take a shortcut to make money and noted that anytime she does anything, it’s on her terms.

“And guess what? Here’s the thing… Let’s just be really clear. I feel like prostitution, in general, has just become very normalized, you know?” she said. “And if I show you my ahh and my titties, or if I want to pop, or do a lap dance or show my a**, it’s going to be because I want to — not because you paid for me to do it.”

The budding reality TV star continued, “I can’t be bought. You can’t see my nudes for $9.99!”

Watch the full episode of “The Jason Lee Show” featuring Brittany Renner here if you missed it.