Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz became fast friends almost two decades ago when they first met in an Atlanta studio. But possibly to the surprise of fans, despite the location of their introduction, their encounter really did not have much to do with music.

The two men were recent guests on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” when Wayne hilariously rehashed how it all went down. He began, “He came through the studio, and actually, we were friends; I mean, once we linked up, we were friends from there, and [we] just [shared] the same type of attitude, cool.” He then added, “But I didn’t know he rapped at the time.”

The platinum-selling artist went on to explain that his knowledge of what 2 Chainz was known for was limited. “He was just a cool dude from Atlanta… I knew he played ball, and I knew he graduated from college,” said Wayne. Between their sighing and Wayne’s smirking, Fallon knew there was more to the story as he asked, “What the hell is going on here?” “Wayne wanted cannabis,” the “It’s a Vibe” artist chimed in, causing the audience to burst into laughter.

Wayne would note that while en route to a studio, 2 Chainz, who at the time was still known as Tity Boi, would reveal that he was signed to Ludacris’ Disturbing tha Peace label and pursuing a career in rap. Up until that point, the Based On A T.R.U. Story emcee said he did not have the confidence to speak about his musical efforts, but all that changed after he pressed play. “The moment he said he rapped and the moment I heard it, like he said, we was on the way to the studio, we got to the studio, and I did this hook for this song, ‘Duffle Bag Boy’ (released in 2006), and the rest is history,” said Wayne.

The two artists have been collaborating ever since. As previously reported by REVOLT, 2 Chainz announced the Nov. 2 release of their anticipated project Welcome 2 Collegrove, which is a play on the names of the neighborhoods they grew up in — College Park, Atlanta, and Hollygrove, New Orleans, respectively. It comes seven years after their commercially successful release of ColleGrove in 2016. They performed their first single, “Presha,” on the late-night show, which can be viewed below.