Leonard Allan Cure’s mother said her soul aches after her son was shot and killed by a Camden County, GA sheriff’s deputy, who pulled him over for speeding this past Monday (Oct. 16).

“My heart is disconnected and my soul aches,” Mary Cure told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday (Oct. 18). She was also seen holding up a photo of Leonard. “He said, ‘I love you and I’ll see you soon.’ That’s the last I heard from him… I was uneasy every time he left because I was like, ‘Will he get a traffic stop? Is he going to be a victim of that?’” the mother said. “From the time that he was released, he was never set free. Lived in constant fear… Is this going to be the day that they’re gonna lock him up, beat him up, or kill him? I lived with that. That is torture.”

As previously reported by REVOLT, Georgia police released both bodycam and dashcam footage of what took place leading up to Leonard’s death. According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), he complied with the officer’s commands until he realized that he was getting arrested. “I’m not driving, nobody was hurt. How was I speeding?” the 53-year-old could be heard asking. He then asked why he wasn’t receiving a ticket instead. The unnamed cop replied by stating that it was a criminal offense. The deputy tased him and a fight ensued, the video showed. The officer then tased him a few more times and hit him with a baton before shooting him with a gun at point-blank range.

Leonard was exonerated in 2020 after being wrongfully convicted of an armed robbery. He served 16 years in prison. Leonard’s brother said that his time behind bars played a role in the altercation that caused him to get killed. “I believe there were possibly some issues going on, some mental issues with my brother. I know him quite well. The officer just triggered him, undoubtedly triggered him. It was excitement met with excitement,” Michael Cure told The Associated Press.