Keri Hilson is finally ready to release music after struggling for years.

During a recent appearance on Tank and J. Valentine’s “R&B Money Podcast,” the “Knock You Down” hitmaker explained why she hasn’t released a new project since her 2010 second studio album, No Boys Allowed. “Now it’s back to music,” she began. “That’s all there’s left to do. I’m not done. I’m not finished, I’m not finished, I’m not finished. I ain’t done… It took a second… A lot of things happened that prevented it. I blame it on one thing, but really it was years of a struggle. Amen… I fought through that, but I’m free, and I’m ready.”

Hilson admitted that she couldn’t create music with burdens or dark clouds over her. “I feel closest to God when I’m creating and that is supposed to be a burdenless space — it should be. That is supposed to be full freedom. I’m a channel in this moment, I’m a vessel, I need to listen, I need to hear, but there was so much stress, depression, division amongst my team… I mean one thing after the next and then my dad died,” she said.

The Georgia native continued, “When you’re not struggling, you don’t have to force things out and throw things out. You can take your time and make sure it’s what you want to present.” She also revealed that she had the chance to preview her new music to someone who’s been on top for a very long time and that person called it “tall and mighty.”

Back in 2016, the “Energy” singer revealed that she took legal action after a false press release announcing new music was leaked. Those accountable allegedly posed as Hilson’s record label and revealed information about a new single titled “Again” and a long-awaited third studio album titled L.I.A.R. (Love Is A Religion). See related posts below.