Today (Oct. 17), Earl Sweatshirt and The Alchemist unveiled a new video for “100 High Street,” the latest to come from their joint LP, VOIR DIRE. The short track sees the former delivering multilayered raps about his life and daily dealings over a sonic string sample.

“Focus steady and unbroken, I was resting on the low end, my prerequisite to goin’ in, I chief recklessly with no end, I went heavy on the dosage, try and cop a Hemi like my bro did, I reaped everything I sowed in, it seem effortless with no stitch, is we steppas, b**ch? You know this, cream creps in the cold wind, seen Skeppy out in Shoreditch, he said the telly for the h**s, keep them heifers off ya doorstep, geese fеathers under forehеads, Tempur-Pedic with the reaper, got to know death…”

The accompanying clip for “100 High Street” begins with a shot of The Alchemist crafting a beat in his studio. Earl eventually appears to deliver his rhymes while walking through a massive facility, coming to a stop at the stage of an auditorium.

VOIR DIRE was first released as an exclusive on the decentralized music platform Gala back in August, complete with 11 tracks and an appearance from MIKE on the lead single “Sentry.” Earlier this month, the project landed on all streaming platforms with three new songs — “Heat Check,” “Mancala,” and “The Caliphate,” the last two of which feature longtime collaborator Vince Staples.

“It was always going to be on DSPs. That’s what’s annoying,” Earl said about VOIR DIRE‘s unique rollout to Rolling Stone. “I feel like, from afar, it looks like an NFT album. It’s not a godd**n NFT album. You don’t have to buy a f**king NFT to listen to it.”

Press play on “100 High Street” below.