Bow Wow is sick and tired of hip hop’s current state of affairs. On Monday (Oct. 16), the veteran rapper took to Twitter to air his thoughts about the quality of music that’s been coming out in recent years. “Can we please bring back artist development at these labels? Do these labels even care about these artists?” he asked his followers. “Y’all be throwing them on platforms knowing they’re not ready. A boxer is trained and taught before battle. We just keep throwing these subpar-a** artists out here with no proper teaching.”

The So So Def alum continued by acknowledging the artists within rap who deserve the spotlight. “It’s too many real ones out here on the come up like Symba, WESTSIDE BOOGIE, I can name so many more. Lady London, Lola Brooke. Like, new artists that got it! Who deserve the push,” he expressed. “Stop pushing that bulls**t on us! The fans are waking up and hip hop is about to change for the better. Stay in the house if you’re playing, and move over and let the real ones play.”

Bow Wow ended his passionate string of tweets by breaking down specific issues among the new generation of talent. “They can’t talk. I don’t understand what the f**k they saying. Be dry as hell in interviews,” he explained. “Y’all know I take the stage serious! I don’t even wanna get on they stage presence. Rapping over vocals, s**t is sloppy out here, man. We gotta clean this s**t up. Get better or get the f**k out the way.”

Bow Wow is just as concerned about the older stalwarts within the culture. As previously reported by REVOLT, he called for unionization in hip hop back in January, with one of his reasons being the need for a proper retirement system within its framework — much like what they have within the National Basketball Players Association.