On Wednesday (Oct. 11), Adonis Graham entered into his sixth year of existence. In celebration of the achievement, his father, Drake, shared an image with his son on his Instagram Stories, along with Adonis’ mother Sophie Brussaux and grandmother Sandi Graham. “Big sixer,” the OVO star’s caption read.

Last Thursday (Oct. 5), Adonis appeared in a video for Drake’s “8am in Charlotte” single, where he could be seen talking about his artwork, much of which is now prominently featured on the cover and tracklisting for For All The Dogs. He even provided a few bars on the album standout “Daylight.”

“Don’t talk to my man like that, I like it when you like it, my, my, my, my man, don’t talk to my man like that, I like it when you like it… You know which one you want, I don’t care which one you want, you can take whatever, I don’t care what you do, I will always [be] watchin’ for you,” Adonis playfully raps at the end of the song.

As previously reported by REVOLT, Adonis granted Caleb Pressley an adorable sit-down interview for the Barstool Sports podcaster’s “Sundae Conversations” series. In the clip, the then-5-year-old opened up about his life and relationships with others. “There’s a lot of friends of [mine] that are really nice to me,” Adonis explained. “They say, ‘I like you because you’re being nice to me.'”

Drake then jumped in shortly after, responding to humorous questions that included whether or not his son ever tried to “cock-block” him to secure a larger inheritance. When asked about his gambling and what he likes to bet on the most, Drizzy warmly responded, “Fatherhood. I just mean, in an encouraging way, like, you can always bet on fatherhood. For all the people out there, you can always bet on fatherhood.”